Why is Pole Dancing Sexualized?

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Why is Pole Dancing Sexualized?

The reason pole dancing is sexualized is because of its western modern origins where traveling circus-like crews would mount tents with a pole in the center holding it up and women would seductively dance around the pole in order to entice the male crowd, therefore profiting from it.

From there it jumped to bars and clubs where the sexualization became even more accentuated where clubs would build stages that incorporated poles with the intention of having women dancing and striping ta attract the male clientele.

But as more and more people started participating in the activity and the popularity of the hobby grew, different avenues started to emerge especially when the physical benefits were acknowledged

A massive change started to occur and the notion of striping started drifting farther and farther from simple pole dancing that started to take a more sportsmanlike approach.

Pole dancing evolved from its infancy stage and matured becoming more of a means to achieve fitness rather than a form of sensual entertainment.

That is a very crude explanation but a clear one, for too long the words pole dancing has been associated with striping because both strippers and pole dancers use a pole to perform their routines.

Its origins definitely tainted the term, but it’s an outdated notion, people need to be aware of the differences between now and then, there’s a need for more information about the topic, that’s why I think this article will be helpful in putting a stop to misconceived, outdated stereotypical ideas.

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Is There a Difference Between Pole Dancing and Stripping?

Is There a Difference Between Pole Dancing and Stripping? Why is Pole Dancing Sexualized?

There’s absolutely a difference between pole dancing and stripping, stripping as the name suggests is about stripping which means removing items of clothing, but because strippers do dance around a pole and use it as a tool in their routines I can see why there’s a misconception.

The intention of a stripper is purely sexual with the purpose to entice and arouse, that is the main objective of a stripper, the pole is nothing more than a means to an end.

As for pole dancers, the intention is completely different, there are various reasons why a person would pole dance, for starters its a great way to exercise and stay in shape, try to bear the full weight of your body with your arms while standing upside down, I guarantee it’s hard, really hard.

The gains in physical strength are massive, I’ve read it’s more effective than weight lifting, and I totally agree, that is why it started to attract the male crowd.

When your body is in shape, your opinion of yourself will also change, combined with higher amounts of energy due to constant strenuous exercise, your confidence will soar.

Gaining confidence and having a higher opinion of yourself is another reason that differentiates pole dancing from stripping, the opposite scenario might occur with stripping because women that strip are often objectified, that can’t feel very nice.

Seen as an object serving only one purpose kind of makes you feel like an object and not a person, this will eventually take a toll on the way you see yourself and leads to loss of confidence.

Yes, there’s sexuality also associated with pole dancing, but it’s merely a byproduct of the moves that inevitably enhance parts of the woman’s body that are seen as enticing.

From Sexualization to Sexual Empowerment.

From Sexualization to Sexual Empowerment, Why is Pole Dancing Sexualized?

Women involved in pole dancing managed to liberate themselves from the stigma of sexualization and took it in a different direction adopting the name Pole Fitness to present a more accurate description of what they now perform.

Let me see if can explain this in a way you can understand, it’s a fact that when the modern western version of pole dancing started to gain traction at the beginning of the 19th century its main purpose was the exploitation the sexualization of women.

There’s no way around it, you cannot change history and there’s no argument against cold hard facts.

Traveling shows that were performed in tents that were held up by poles displayed women dancing around those same poles in seductive and explicit ways.

This was no accident, it was intended to capture the male audience and profit from it.

Now this type of sexualization is catered to men or the person who’s watching, leaving the woman that’s performing the dance with no vote in the matter, it was their job and they did it not because they wanted to be sexualized by others but out of necessity.

That’s a bad type of sexualization because deep down is maltreating the integrity and the sense of self-worth of the women performing it.

Nowadays with growing acceptance, more and more people are picking up the hobby and the more people dabble with it the more they unravel its mysteries, for example:

The inherent physical benefits have shown a light to the possible sportslike adaptation, completely abandoning its connection to striping.

Women involved in pole dancing managed to liberate themselves from the stigma of sexualization and took it in a different direction adopting the name Pole Fitness to present a more accurate description of what they now perform.

Pole fitness creates a whole new idea about pole dancing, it’s now officially considered a sport, and women are regarded as athletes therefore completely eliminating the outdated sense of sexualization that happened before.

Having earned the respect in their field due to their athletic prowess creates a sense of empowerment, they’re no longer the subject of sexualization or entertainment, they’ve matured into elite athletes that demand as much respect as any other athlete in any other field.

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What is Pole Fitness?

What is Pole Fitness? Why is Pole Dancing Sexualized?

As the name suggests, its achieving fitness through working out utilizing the pole as the only piece of fitness equipment.

The exercises that were developed around using the pole can completely work all areas of your body, the main difference is that instead of using a multitude of machines and other equipment, you use your own bodyweight for resistance.

The exercises you’re able to perform utilizing the pole are equivalent to many exercises you’d perform at a gym, which involves climbing the pole, inverting, spinning, and dancing, you can do it all, go figure it’s actually very cool.

It’s proven to improve flexibility, muscle tone, core strength, upper body strength, work your legs and buttocks.

Pole Fitness has grown so much in popularity that spawned its own niche of fitness, with equipment, wardrobe, trainers, and competitions taking place worldwide.

Can you see the difference between striping and pole dancing/fitness yet?

What is The Point of Pole Dancing?

What is The Point of Pole Dancing?

That’s a question that can have many answers, and it varies depending on personal opinion so what I can do here is provide you with my opinion, and hopefully, it will make sense in the end.

Pole dancing can be performed with the intent to arouse or entice there’s no doubt about it, women who practice pole dance often feel better about themselves feel more comfortable in their own skin, this will allow them to improve their sex life.

There’s nothing wrong with that, sex is part of our nature and it’s as natural as drinking water, let’s not deny what makes us human.

Women are predisposed to it, alluring and enticing is part of not just human females but it’s also found in nature, it’s part of our basic instinct of reproduction, the same way you instinctively pick your partner.

You may not know but instinctively or subconsciously people pick a partner that has the better genes to pass down to offspring, it’s what we call chemistry.

It’s only natural that women try to fulfill this basic instinct, [let’s call it the need to be sexy]

My second opinion is that women just want to get fit, I’m not surprised pole dancing is growing in popularity because when you combine the health benefits with fulfilling the need to be sexy you get a winning combination.

As the sport grows and gets more refined I believe higher levels of competitiveness will completely eliminate “sexiness” in the sport, making it more about performance than actually expressing sexuality, but that remains to be seen.

So if you ask me what is the point of pole dancing, I can sum things up by saying women like to feel sexy and to be fit that increases levels of confidence, makes them feel sexier and happier in their lives.

So I’ll refer back to my slogan:

Women who pole dance/fitness (not striping) are wanting to live their best lives.

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