How to Prepare for Doomsday.

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How to Prepare for Doomsday.

The way you prepare for doomsday by getting the necessary survival gear, hunting knife, first aid kit, fire starting materials and gadgets, long shelf life food products, water purification systems.

Learn how to defend yourself, get your family involved, learn about edible plants, how to set up traps to catch wildlife and come up with a plan of action on exactly what to do in case things take a turn for the worse and designate specific duties for each individual of your household.

There’s a variety of ways you can prepare for doomsday, most of them include learning basic survival skills and stockpiling water and food.

But if things get really ugly it may be a while before things go back to normality, if ever… [we’re talking about doomsday here] so careful consideration has to be given into long-term survival practices.

And by that there’s one word that encapsulates it all, “renewable” think renewable and put it into practice in every aspect of your prepping experience.

Like food sources, if you can’t go buy food anymore or order take out you’ll have to create your own supermarket, knowing how to grow edible plants and vegetables is a great way to ensure yours and your family’s survival in case of a catastrophic event.

But plants and vegetables only consist of one type of food source, and even though it can sustain you it will leave you lacking in other forms of nourishment the body needs.

Consider raising animals like chickens, rabbits, sheep, or pigs if you have that option, I know it seems cruel but in a survival situation as callous as it is, it’s also a sad necessity, the best thing to do is to be humane about it and provide the poor creatures the best quality of life you can.

I would definitely suggest going vegan but the number of calories and nutrients you would get from the limited variety of plants you’d have access to would most likely not provide the necessary amounts of protein or fat the body requires.

Another aspect you definitely have to think about is“renewable” water. How to get it, and how to keep it for the long haul…

There are plenty more aspects of doomsday prepping we could talk about besides how important renewable thinking is in a doomsday situation.

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Should You Prepare for Doomsday?

Should You Prepare for Doomsday

In my honest opinion, I think everyone should, and I’m not saying this for the obvious reason that we just got hit with an unexpected pandemic that left everyone dazed and confused chasing after that last elusive roll of toilet paper.

All jokes aside, if there’s a lesson to be learned from Covid 19 besides that a clean butt is the pillar that holds the fabric of society together, is that crises can pop up out of nowhere, leaving us non-preppers feeling scared and helpless.

Do you know who wasn’t scared? all the people that were prepared for it, and don’t say no one was prepared, because I know of a lot of people (not personally) that have been preparing for this kind of eventualities for years.

If you are aware of the movement designated as doomsday prepping, then you know that people who prepare incessantly are normally a little reluctant to disclose the activity, because they fear ridicule or people just not understanding why they do it.

I think it takes a lot of courage to follow your instincts regardless of what other people may think of you, it’s our nature to survive in fact it’s our strongest instinct passed down to us from our cavemen ancestors.

So why do people think it’s odd when someone spends their time securing a future for themselves and for their families?

The problem is that people want to believe the system in place will always provide and take care of us, It’s scary to think otherwise, and because we’re scared to think about it, we condemn it.

No one wants to acknowledge the infrastructure can fail, but the truth is that it is an unstable system that is interconnected and its many operations depend and feed on each other.

If enough operations fail it can create a snowball effect and result in a complete collapse of society.

I’m not being hyperbolic, it’s reality, it might a pandemic, war, global warming just to name a few.

I understand no one wants to leave in fear, but ignoring the issue is not the solution, not thinking about it doesn’t make it go away, so why not prepare for the worse.

It doesn’t have to be to the extreme, start by just preparing for a short period of time, stockpiling long shelf time cans of food is always a great way to start, and then go from there.

Another thing worth considering is the way of catching and gathering water, stockpiling water can be troublesome, so instead of gathering large amounts, educate yourself on ways to catch it, and invest in a water purification system.

By doing these simple steps and being proactive will give you a sense of safety, and instead of being afraid of something bad happening you’ll feel more secure, not by ignoring the issue but by being ready for it.

How to Prepare Your Family for Survival.

How to Prepare Your Family for Survival

Preparing your family for survival might be a bit more complicated than you imagine, you might be enthusiastic about this new venture of yours but in general, trying to convince other people to follow your ideas is a daunting task.

Specially because we’re talking about surviving a disaster, people don’t want to accept that their comfort can be taken away.

Preparing for a survival situation is a scary thought and people don’t want to think about things that scare them, first there’s the aspect of change people don’t like change it’s scary because it’s unknown and we fear what we can’t control.

Then there’s the aspect of the finances, prepping costs money buying survival gear is necessary if you really want to be real about it, well that money has to come from somewhere and chances are that you are working with a limited budget, at the same time trying to save money for the future.

Just that reason alone is a massive hurdle to overcome when trying to convince your spouse to spend money preparing for something that might never happen, and there are so many things she/he rather spend the money on.

So how do we work around it? I’ll tell you that it’s not by scaring the heck out of your spouse, that will not work and probably will end with a [have you gone mad?] kind of answer, and from that point, she/he have now made a definite stand against it.

How to Get Your Spouse to Agree With You.

How to Get Your Spouse to Agree With You

The best approach is to try to get a side income first, there are several ways you can make money with a side hustle.

When you’re able to save a bit of money, start buying the bare essentials and some shiny gear like medical kits, books about edible plants, a flashlight heck even a woodstove.

Once you’ve collected some gear, it’s time to start easing the subject into conversations and show how concerned you are about your family’s safety so the idea slowly starts setting in into your spouse’s mind.

Once you’ve noticed your spouse is in an agreeable mood, call him/her aside and show him/her what you’ve acquired, at this point your spouse will probably say [how much did this cost?].

It’s time to drop the bomb, just say it cost nothing, say you’ve been working a side hustle and you bought all that material with the extra money you earned on the side.

At this point your spouse realizes that the safety of your family must really mean a lot to you, for you to go through all that trouble, she/he will be sympathetic to you’re plight since you’re coming off as altruistic concerned about others and not doing this for yourself.

Your spouse might even consider helping you, and you go from absurd to heroic.

Now that the hardest part is out of the way, it’s time to start stockpiling nonperishable foods, think fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

Those are the 3 main ingredients the body needs to sustain itself, heck you can even go without the carbohydrates, refer to keto diet [no carbs] for more information.

Start by buying an extra jar of peanut butter when you go grocery shopping [healthy fats and protein] include canned tuna, salmon, chicken, or turkey on your shopping list, they are a great source of protein and have at least a two-year shelf life.

Bottled water for the obvious reasons, a human being can only generally last about three days without drinking water, hence why I mentioned before how important it is to educate yourself in ways to catch rainwater and investing in a water purification system.

Other foods you can buy for stockpiling purposes.

We’ve covered food but we should never forget safety.

There might be a time where you’ll need to defend yourself or your family it’s a good idea to learn some self-defense techniques.

Not just for you, get the whole family involved every member of our household should know how to defend themselves, practicing together can also be a bonding exercise, win-win type of situation.

Hunting knives are also a good idea not only to protect yourself from wildlife in case you need to venture into the woods but also from hostile persons you might encounter.

Other benefits from having a hunting knife is obviously hunting and chopping wood to build a fire.

Getting a firearm is also an option that needs to be considered but only to be used in extreme situations, statistics show that you’re more likely to shoot someone closer to you than an outsider.

If you get to this point whatever comes next is just optimizing your strategy, making a plan of action, designating specific duties for each member, so everyone knows what to do in case of the SHTF.

Start improving on the core of what you already have and before you know it, your whole family is onboard feeling prepared, not scared, and ready for action.

How To Survive In The Forest.

How to Survive in the Forest

Let’s say things took a turn for the worse and now you found yourself in the forest trying to survive what should be your main concern?

Your priorities should lie in finding a renewable source of water, waiting for rainfall is not a viable solution.

Hopefully, you packed a metal pan or a metal container of some sort, because you’re not going to want to drink water without boiling it first, it’s imperative that you do not risk it and hope for the best.

Drinking water from unknown sources is dangerous and can lead to life-threatening conditions.

Finding a river, or a lake would be detrimental, there you could settle down and start building a shelter and a fire to boil your water and to keep yourself warm.

If you cannot find an immediate source of water a good method to use is collecting plant transpiration, this works by wrapping a plastic bag around a leafy branch, trees perspire throughout the day but that moisture evaporates.

Placing a bag around the tree branch will collect that moisture, place a little rock at the bottom of the bag so the water has a place to collect.

How To Start a Fire.

Starting a fire

I’m assuming you prepared for this and packed some sort of fire starting gadget in your bag, something as simple as a lighter can make the whole difference, even if the lighter ran out of fuel it’s still a good idea to keep it, the spark it generates could easily get your tinder burning.

You want to start by gathering supplies, if you start a fire and are not prepared for it your tinder will burn fast and you’ll end up having to start the process all over again.

Tinder is the lightest material and the first you should light ranging between 4 to 6 inches of dry soft and easy to light, materials such as

After comes kindling composed of branches one arm’s length and no more than 1/2 inch around.

Then there’s the fuel or bigger logs the ones that are going to burn for longer periods of time, keep it the same length as the kindling but compact the denser they are the longer it will take for them to burn through.

Where To Start A Fire.

Starting a fire could give you a confidence boost, having a way to keep animals away, cook your food and warm yourself, is a great way to lift your spirits but you need to be aware of some facts.

keep a safe distance between the fire and your shelter at least 6 feet, the last thing you want to do is burn your shelter down or start a forest fire.

Choose a spot away from trees bushes hanging branches, and clean the area of anything that might catch fire.

Another technique you’ll want to implement is to build a circle of rocks to keep the fire stays confined to that area so it doesn’t spread elsewhere, make it the size of 3 to 4 feet in diameter.

How to Make a Shelter in the Woods With No Equipment.

How to Make a Shelter in the Woods With Nothing

The easiest way to build a shelter in the woods without resorting to any type of equipment is by building an A-Frame Brush Shelter

The first step is to find a long and sturdy log, normally you’d want it to be long enough so you can fit your whole body inside for the purpose of sleeping and being protected from wildlife.

Place one end of the log against a tree stump or find a tree where you can safely place one end of the log, and the other end on the ground burying it a little if possible to create a more sturdy structure.

Then lean shorter branches all around the main load-bearing log, this will be the frame of your shelter.

The last step is to cover the frame with branches, leaves, and general bush you find in the vicinity.

And there it is you’ve built a shelter, it won’t do much in terms of heat because it’s still fairly open and won’t last for large amounts of time, only if you maintain it.

But on the other hand, it’s a fast and easy build, and because it blends with the natural vegetation of your surroundings it serves as camouflage and won’t attract attention.

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