How to Remember Your Dreams

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How to Remember Your Dreams

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The best way to remember your dreams is to influence your mind during the day, so whatever you want to dream about manifests itself at night, you achieve this by focusing on what you want to dream about, and telling yourself you want to dream about it.

Dreams are mysterious, they can help us solve problems in our lives or they can turn into Nightmares but is it a good thing to know how to remember your dreams?

How many of our dreams do we remember? what would be the implications associated with remembering all our dreams?

What about if you could influence what you dream about?

That’s what I’ll be covering in this article, if you are curious about all these questions, please stick around and take a gander, what I discovered might surprise you.

Why is it Hard to Remember a Dream?

Why is it Hard to Remember a Dream?

It’s currently unknown why we tend to have a hard time remembering what we dreamt last night, It’s possible that is simply the way how our brains are designed to work.

If we remembered dreams the same way we do memories who’s to say that we wouldn’t mix it all up and we wouldn’t be able to differentiate between what’s real and what’s a dream.

During sleep, our brain shuts down many processes, especially when we are engaged in the REM sleep stage, it’s not out of the realm of what’s possible to assume that the memory storage function is shut down or severely impaired when we sleep.

It could be that the dreams that we actually remember happened closer to when we wake up, and the brain has already started the process of turning back up all its functions.

Or another possibility could be that we actually don’t forget our dreams and they are still being stored, but they might require a different method than memories to be accessed, something like hypnotism perhaps.

There are times later in the day, when by some fluke you happened to remember the dream, this would mean that we in fact store our dreams, might just be a different type of memory data.

What Can Help Me Remember My Dreams?

What Can Help Me Remember My Dreams?

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule seems to be the obvious first step, be consistent and strict with yourself there’s a process your brain needs to undergo in order for you to fall asleep properly.

If you fall asleep too fast it will worsen your chances of remembering dreams, don’t go from 1st gear to 4th gear.

Give your alarm clock a break, being startled by an alarm when you wake up will kickstart your brain too fast, causing it to let go of the memory of the dream.

Start a bedtime ritual, by this I mean, one hour prior to going to bed, begin to relax, put your electronic devices aside, and cause your body to relax.

If you really want to take this seriously, then you’ll need to meditate for a short period of time, let’s say between 15 and 20 minutes, do it on your bed in the dark and start slowly falling asleep this way.

It’s important that you slow everything down when you wake up, snoozing is actually helpful in the morning before you get up.

Force yourself every morning to remember the dream, from little details to bigger ones, everything is important, the more you practice remembering your dreams the better you’ll get at it.

We mostly dream when we are in deep sleep or in the REM stage if you don’t mind getting up in the middle of the night, then drink 3 glasses of water right before bed, this will make you go to the washroom in the middle of the night.

The trick here is that you’re brain normally wakes you up right after the REM stage, which means you’ll be waking up right after having a dream.

Writing has always been a good way to help us to remember, so why not adopt this technique and use it to remember your dreams.

After a period of snoozing, get a paper and a pen and start writing down everything you remember, after a while, you’ll be able to remember more and more from your dreams.

How Many of Your Dreams do You Remember?

How Many of Your Dreams do You Remember?

Although no one has been able to pinpoint the exact numbers, it’s estimated we forget about 95% of our dreams. The fact is that when our body is asleep our brains are still functioning but at a limited capacity.

And most processes are not engaged, namely, the ones related to memory formation seem to be working at a very slow rate or not working at all.

But seeing that we do remember some of the dreams, then we are definitely storing some of that information just not the entire dream.

Perhaps only bits and pieces because our frontal lobe, which is responsible for memory, is impaired during the REM stage, the stage when dreams occur more frequently.

Is it Good or Bad to Remember your Dreams?

Is it Good or Bad to Remember your Dreams?

If you’re worried that remembering your dreams has negative implications on your health, don’t be.

It’s perfectly normal and healthy for people to remember their dreams, it’s not a sign that anything is wrong with you.

You have to ask yourself why do we forget our dreams so often, anything is possible inside a dream, even ultra scary things that defy explanation.

Would it really be healthy to have all these memories to be permanent? the effects of long-lasting memories from dreams could prove to be disastrous.

On the other hand, if you have an extremely good dream you might feel disappointed after you wake up.

We’ve all experienced dreams like this, maybe you won the lottery, maybe you got reconnected with an old friend or loved one.

There are many downsides to remembering dreams, now consider the same effect but with nightmares.

Having memories of being chased, or the death of a loved one, or you falling from a building, would be extremely unpleasant, remembering these experiences would be horrible.

Maybe it’s not that bad that we forget about 95% of our dreams, it could also prove too much information for our brains to handle.

Perhaps is better to trust that mother nature knows what she’s doing, and trust that the existing processes are in place for a reason.

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How to Influence Your Dreams.

How to Influence Your Dreams

Being able to influence your dreams or try to dream about something specific might prove useful in real life, let’s say you’re trying to solve a problem.

You might try to look for the solution to the problem in your dreams, there are many instances where people dreamt about solutions to afflictions that were bothering them.

The way you go about it is by trying to have your mind focused on the problem when you go to bed.

Put effort into creating a mental vision of the problem, especially if it’s not a concrete or conceptual idea, maybe someone is the problem, in this instance try to focus on the person responsible.

If it evolves art, then you want to visualize a project in its early stages, hopefully, the dream will help to kickstart the creative process

Maybe you’re missing someone, a relative that passed or a friend who moved away, looking at pictures of that person can influence you to dream about it.

The same applies to places, like a resort where you went on vacation, and you’d like to relive those moments.

Daydreaming is also an effective way to influence your dreams, the more thought you put into something during the day, the more likely you are to dream about it at night.

Some mental manipulation might be necessary, by telling yourself that you want to dream about something you’ll influence your subconscious.

Sometimes it’s better to say it out loud, that will make a bigger impact than just thinking it.

It’s important to have a good night sleep, it’s recommended you sleep between 8 to 9 hours, this way you increase the times you enter the REM sleep stage, this is the stage when you dream the most.

It’s a matter of influencing your mind during the day, so it manifests at night, you achieve this by focusing on what you want to dream about, and telling yourself you want to dream about it.

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