What Are INFJ Personality Type Characteristics?

What Are INFJ Personality Type Characteristics?

The INFJ personality type can be described as being generous, passionate, having a strong moral compass, imaginative, insightful but also overly sensitive, opposed to criticism, closed off, perfectionist, obsessive to the point of burnout.

Have you ever felt like helping others is in your blood? Do you feel like the only thing that matters is to do the right thing?

Then you might be an INFJ, also known as the Advocate.

Read until the end to find out if you belong to the rarest personality on the planet.

What separates this personality type from the rest is their high ideals, strict moral and ethical code.

But don’t be mistaken, their no fools or pushovers, they want to and strive to make a difference in the world.

Let’s Take a Closer Look Into What Makes INFJ’s So Rare

Are INFJs Passionate?

Are INFJs Passionate? INFJ Personality Type

Because of their passionate nature, they can become extremely charismatic and convincing, especially when they’re making a stand for what they believe is right.

Due to the particular mix of their personality traits they are capable of doing many complex things competently.

They normally have a very attuned moral compass, and choose to do the right thing, and wish others would follow and do what’s right as well.

They won’t back down from helping anyone who needs help, they resort to their best qualities to assure other people that are suffering feel better, by using their sensitivity, imagination, and creativity.

They might go as far as making others, one of their main goal in life…

They believe all people in society should have equal rights from birth, and the things you do, will ultimately come back to you.

They get seriously bothered whenever they witness injustice, and tend to put other people’s needs in front of their own.

If you ever saw someone standing up to a bully with no possible personal gain whatsoever, then that quite possibly was an INFJ.

Society’s problems are another on of the INFJ’s afflictions, as they would like to see everyone faring well, they can’t stand unfairness and want to see everything that causes a negative effect on people to disappear.

They are introverts and normally keep back, but when they express themselves is in a caring and sensible way, it comes as no surprise that other people like to be around INFJ’s.

They radiate calmness and a feeling of well being, they also prefer true and deeper connections to passing shallow friendships, and when they latch to someone, they nurture their feelings and strive to see them well taken care of.

Why Are INFJs So Intense?

Why are INFJs So intense? INFJ Personality Type

It’s true that INFJ’s are intense and most of the times that comes with a lot of drawbacks, namely becoming burned out, being worried most of the time, and feeling out of control.

It might appear that on the exterior they seem to be calm and collected but, on the inside, there’s a storm brewing.

This intensity, while being great as a problem-solving skill it, becomes a problem because they’re always looking to solve a problem, and will be obsessed with it, to the point of exhaustion.

Over-analyzing and trying to get to the bottom of why and how something happened the way it did, INFj’s hate conflict and if something is bothering them they will feel it immensely, and have a hard time letting go of it.

They seek meaning in everything and love too fiercely. 

Sometimes they can go overboard by caring too much about others that they forget to take care of themselves, this can leave them feeling drained, once in a while they need to just lay back, find a comfortable spot to reset and recharge batteries.

Advocates feel a strong urge to not stop pursuing their goals until they see them completed, this obsessive behavior oftentimes leads them to exhaustion, because they fail to acknowledge the appropriate time to quit and rest.

When this happens it causes them to act cranky and out of character, instead of being warm and caring, they become dismissive and irritated.

They will do anything to avoid disagreements and clashing with other people because they hate conflict, also belonging to the feeling category they wear their heart on their sleeves and, don’t respond well to being judged in a negative manner.

Being true to their personality they like to help other people but the except some kind of reciprocity, when their not acknowledged they feel disappointed and defeated.

Being Hyper sensitive, they take any type of negative feedback in a deep way, even when someone is trying to help them by giving them advice that sounds like a critique.

They strive to find meaning and constantly look for a goal in their life.

When faced with what they deem to be unfair treatment or lack of justice, their first instinct is to think about how they can correct it.

With a greater understanding of right and wrong, they feel compelled to help a movement or a cause, doesn’t matter how big or small.

But with all of this caring for others, sometimes they fall behind on their personal lives, they might need a helping hand letting go of helping others so much, and maybe focus a little more on themselves.

Do INFJ Fall in Love Easily?

Do INFJ fall in love easily? INFJ Personality Type

When it comes to finding a romantic partner INFJ’ don’t easily get swayed, they prefer to take their time and find the right partner.

The basis of their relationship should be founded on nothing but pure love and trust, they look for deeper connections that will be long lasting, INFJ’s prefer to mate for life.

Normally takes them long periods of time until they re able to find the right person.

People believe this personality type can at times have their standards set too high, to the point that it almost becomes impossible to find someone that meets their expectations.

They expect to have a flawless relationship and a fitting partner, but they fail to see that their idea of perfection might not be realistic.

Although if they’re able to mix their high expectations with a healthy dose of realism, they can actually produce a well balanced and highly rewarding love life.

Even though they value the sharing of the same ideals they also care about physical appearance, and they tend to balance these two factors very well.

Because of this approach when they do find someone, it’s indeed someone compatible, and that they care deeply about.

How Are INFJ Romantic Relationships?

INFJ Romantic Relationships.

Whenever they engage in a relationship they are devoted partners, and they do everything in their power to keep the relationship strong, healthy, and interesting by nurturing the connection.

They put tremendous amount of work into their relationship and this results in one of the strongest connections human beings are able to have with each other.

But don’t think of them as pushovers, they are determined in their ways and dislike when someone tries to change and force them to believe in something they don’t.

So don’t try to change who they are, that wont work well in any relationship, but especially with INFJ’s, try to understand and comprehend, instead of trying to correct what you think is wrong.

There’s so much to love about INFJ’s they’re friendly without malice, and intuitive, they also are very good at reading between the lines, and understanding what someone is going through on the inside.

They are capable of grabbing someone emotionally in such a deep and meaningful way, at points it can become hard to understand how they’re capable of pulling other people in with so much intensity.

Advocate partners should consider themselves lucky, because with a partner this insightful, they will always feel heard and understood, and fell comfort in the fact the when they’re having a bad day, when they come home, there’s a sensible soul ready to listen and ease their feelings.

Advocates feel deeply and they cannot contain their feelings, they need to unleash their emotions or they feel suffocated.

They sometimes can love too much, it’s something they just can’t help, and prefer their partner to share the same sentiment, so if you are a more closed off person who doesn’t see love and commitment as importantly, then an INFJ might not be your ideal partner.

Are INFJ’s Good in Bed?

Just like in every aspect of the INFJ’s life there has to be a present element of closeness, and this means it can be hard for the INFJ to enjoy sex if they don’t feel a connection to the other person.

It could feel like a chore more than a pleasureful activity, they will probably still go ahead with it but with the intent of satisfying their partner.

But when they feel a strong connection, they are passionate and intense, being a giving personality type they’re not selfish lovers and this translates to both parties having a great experience.

INFJ’s are polarizing in this regard, which means, if they feel connected to you then it can be one of the best experiences, but if there’s no intimacy then it might seem like just performing a task for them.

They will seek to reach the highest emotional peaks with their partner. so much that it transcends normal understanding, for them being in a relationship is one of the greatest achievements you can get in life, therefore they want to connect in every way possible, spiritually, in mind and soul.

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