Why Is It Important To Know Your Temperament?

Why Is It Important To Know Your Temperament?

It’s important to know your temperament because knowing the different temperaments will help us with social situations, when you know how someone thinks or feels you’ll better adapt your behaviors around them. You’ll be able to accurately predict how someone will react and, avoid creating uncomfortable or combative situations.

In the workplace this is very useful information, if you know how people are likely to react, the better you know how to motivate them.

It’s wise not to hire people that are going to be confrontational towards each other, working together while having contradictory personalities, can give rise to disagreements and loss of productivity.

All different temperaments, have their strengths, and knowing the right place for each individual, within the workplace or within society itself, will lead to happier lives, and a healthier mind and planet (you don’t want to put an introverted person (Melancholic) as a public speaker.)

That would create strain, stress, and anxiety in that person, now imagine that person is a parent, those negative emotions will be felt by their children, creating emotional unbalances which will spawn unhealthy new generations.

Knowing yourself means knowing where and how you’re going to be the happiest and most productive, this will not only benefit you but the whole of humankind, as a society.

The secret lays in realizing the strengths and weaknesses of each individual temperaments and finding the right role for everyone.

There are 4 main types of temperaments.

  • Sanguine
  • phlegmatic
  • choleric
  • Melancholic

How do Sanguines Behave?

Know Your Temperament How do Sanguines Behave?

People with this temperament tend to be very outgoing, seeking adventure due to their high levels of energy.

Not one to scare easily, they are more than willing to take risks, in the pursuit of adventure, they like to feel the adrenaline flowing.

Boredom is their worst enemy, their minds are restless and don’t tolerate stagnation well, they constantly look for entertainment and variety in life.

This can manifest itself in a negative way when it comes to their relationships, romance, or friendships, the search for new and varied experiences doesn’t blend well with stability, and relationships don’t tend to be long term.

One of their main characteristics is thrill and pleasure-seeking, oftentimes we see people with this temperament falling into destructive addictions.

If you apply the same principle to food, it’s clear to see that they can overindulge resulting in weight problems and health issues.

Due to their high energy, their minds often wonder from one idea to another, this creativity could render them a great artistic career.

They love to entertain and thrive being the center of attention, another aspect where they can become extremely successful is in the entertainment industry, as actors or musicians.

Their natural disposition will be better utilized in society if they choose jobs related to marketing, travel, fashion, cooking, or sports.

How Do Phlegmatics Behave?

Know Your Temperament How Do Phlegmatics Behave?

People with a phlegmatic temperament are normally focused on other people, as they see relationships as being more important than personal gratification.

They tend to make relationships their priority and like to promote harmony and peace, this makes them loyal to the people they love, and great caregivers.

They care about long-term friendships and do everything in their power to keep and maintain every friendship in good standing, they often reach out to old friends just to say hello, just to preserve the friendship.

They dislike confrontation, and always look for the most diplomatic solution, they serve as advocates or mediators, with the purpose to solve conflicts and maintain peace between everyone.

You would normally find these generous and caring souls, helping others in charities, nursing, teaching, psychology, or social services.

How Do Cholerics Behave?

Know Your Temperament How Do Cholerics Behave?

People with this temperament tend to put emotions aside in favor of getting things done, it doesn’t mean they’re incapable of emotions, but they are secondary and only come into play when the first function is satisfied.

They are goal-oriented and live in a more analytical world where logic rules, and intelligence is a king.

But what makes them so good in practicality and getting the job done, often leaves them lacking when it comes to romance.

They are not the best partners and see friendships as a means to achieve a goal, not something they necessarily enjoy.

Small talk can quickly become annoying, if they are not interested in the subject.

They prefer to talk about more meaningful subjects or things that are useful to get something closer to its completion.

Being alone is preferred to being in the presence of someone they see as their intellectual inferior.

This doesn’t make them anti-social but they can only relate to people who see the world the same way they do.

It’s not because they’re entitled or think they’re superior, it’s because they don’t possess the capability of relating to superficial contents.

Cholerics are better fitted in society in roles that involve, management, technology, engineering, and business.

How Do Melancholics Behave?

How Do Melancholics Behave?

The melancholic temperament is set in their ways and doesn’t see change as something that is necessary.

They trust whatever has been assimilated into society, and was able to stand the test of time.

Because it was able to exist for a long time, and if it didn’t work, people would’ve abandoned it already, traditions like Christmas and men being a gentleman to women are good examples.

They are the opposite of adventurous, their idea of happiness is staying at home and spending quality time with their loved ones.

Engaging in new ventures feels intimidating to them, so they do whatever they can to cling to habits, they are comfortable with what has been proven to work, innovation and experimentation is not something they look for.

These individuals can’t help but feel in an intensified way, which prompts them to think and analyze everything.

They want to find the cause of why everything affects them so much.

They don’t like attention and whenever possible they like to blend into the crowd, rather than being singled out.

They tend to be self-reliant because they dislike social interactions they learn how to do things themselves, they are anxious because they see other people as judging, which in turn makes them reserved and thoughtful.

Because they dislike judgment so much, when they do something, they try to do the best job they can, borderline with perfection.

They are tidy and detail-oriented, all this to avoid having someone criticizing them, they are better suited in programming, administration, and accounting positions.

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