What is The INFP Personality Type?

What is The INFP Personality Type?

Best Hobbies for INFPs

The first perception of people with the INFP personality type, is that they are more quiet people or even timid, but what’s happening on the inside is quite different.

INFPs are generous people with high tolerance to other people’s beliefs, creative and loyal to their values, although at times can be a little impractical due to becoming consumed by their thoughts and passions.

They often feel misunderstood and alienated from other people, this might be due to the fact that there are not many of them compared to other personality types.

But that doesn’t mean they cannot have meaningful connections with other people, fortunately, they do have an empathic nature and that allows them to be successful in their relationships, romantic or friendships.

They tend to be very honest especially internally, and most of all they value people who are authentic, because they themselves are very authentic, their sense of self is held in very high regard.

What are INFPs Known For?

What are INFPs Known For?

Their most admirable trait, which is their idealism might also be their biggest cause of frustration and disappointment, seeing that they will often feel defeated or discouraged when people around them don’t understand or share their same high ideals

They are deep thinkers and focus mainly on the human condition and what it means to be human, as so, they are very attuned to other people’s feelings. which makes them want to understand the thoughts, feelings, or emotional state of another person.

this insight and sensibility are what allows them to express themselves with great conviction, they can be quite moving their words come out as emotive and meaningful.

Great sensibility, is hard to be kept bottled up, they feel the need to express themselves in a creative way that is adjusted with their more sensible and insightful inner emotions, think of poets, writers, and actors.

Other Hobbies to try

Are INFPs Dreamers?

Are INFPs Dreamers?

They enjoy being dreamers, and their minds are found normally wandering and creating fantastic stories and different approaches to ordinary seemingly bland scenarios.

Their powerful imagination is what allows them to have a rich inner nature, and helps them find their place in the world.

But there’s also a downside to everything that strays out of balance, and if they daydream or fantasize too much, they can spend long periods of time in this dream world and don’t take action.

They would benefit from being more proactive because if they linger for too long in this dream state, when they finally come out of it, they realize they didn’t accomplish anything tangible, and this might leave them feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

INFP Finding Meaning

INFP Finding Meaning

Having a predisposition to the abstract side of their rich inner world, It’s imperative that they look for meaning or purpose in their lives, always roaming might make them feel directionless or stuck.

But when they do find meaning, often it has to do with helping to improve the mood and causing cheerfulness to people around them.

Being very aware of other people’s feelings, they can at times also internalize other people’s suffering as if it were their own.

But they don’t sit in a corner and wallow in this suffering, instead they use it as fuel to provide further assistance to people in need.

They are so emphatic that they can fall into the trap of wanting to help too many people at the same time, this can leave them tired and drained, when this happens it might cause them to give up on the whole endeavor altogether and give up on even trying

That doesn’t mean that they give up on helping forever, they just need some time to recharge and regenerate, their great capacity for empathy and the strong desire to help cannot be held down for too long.

And before you know it they bounce back and continue their beautiful journey of inspiring compassion, understanding, and harmony wherever they go.

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