Why INFJs Are So Special

Why INFJs Are So Special

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INFJs are very attuned to other people, as they spend most of their life focusing on people, and intuitively feeling what people are going through.

This educated understanding gives them insight into what the best approach is, to guide or influence someone, what is astonishing about INFJ’s, is their subtlety, they have a soft touch, they are not forceful, instead they move people with grace and deep acumen.

Many stereotypes paint INFJs as being, sensitive, or fragile, but that’s a misconception, they are notoriously known for having a calm demeanor, and acts as thick armor, they are able to withstand criticism, and hold their ground with refined elegance.

They are not ones to give unsolicited advice or force their opinions on others, although, when they are asked to, they are extremely good at it, and can make a big great impact with only a few words.

Are INFJs Smart?

Are INFJs Smart?

They possess a great capacity for understanding, and know exactly what buttons to push to sway people.

Being introverted, they normally lurk in the shadows preferring not to call attention to themselves, this can lead people to dismiss them, and underestimate the capacity they possess to learn by simply observing.

It’s not uncommon for people to be perplexed about something an INFJ told them, the shock is greater due to the fact that is unexpected.

INFJss are not after overcoming, conquering, or vanquishing, they are not interested in getting ahead of other people, or manipulate them to their own benefit.

Generally speaking, they are not interested in being leaders, what makes INFJ’s so special in my opinion, is their altruistic nature, they possess the ability to guide someone, and to make them self-sufficient.

The quote comes to mind, (give a man a fish, feed him for one day, teach a man to fish, feed him for life)

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Sometimes is a shame that INFJ’s are so considerate, I think the world would benefit immensely from the advice or counseling from INFJ’s.

Where other personality types try to impose their ideas onto others, INFJ’s prefer to hold back, and only do so when asked.

Sometimes I think of INFJs as parental figures, and humanity is their children, much like a parent would guide their child to their ideal path, INFJs have the insight of knowing where someone would be happier.

Their best fit in society, and with an ever so slightly nudge, they can gently direct them to it.

To understand INFJs you need to be aware of their selflessness, like a parent who prepares their child for the world, INFJs sway and guide people, until they are able to take care of themselves, and don’t need to be guided anymore.

This is the best type of teaching, because allows for people to grow, become strong and independent in a healthy way.

Are INFJs Gifted?

Are INFJs Gifted?

Sometimes people are forced to grow up and mature, sometimes due to unfortunate situations, or severely rigid mentors, but INFJ’s nurture and teach in a way that encourages freedom, self-discovery, self-improvement, and self-reliance.

They want people to find themselves, and by having an insight into people’s psyche, they know what kind of motivators need to be activated, in order to get the right wheels turning inside a person’s mind.

This insight doesn’t happen by accident, their cognitive functions make INFJs very focused on people analysis, introverted intuition is great at picking up people’s patterns, picking up on the purpose behind a specific action or set of actions.

Introverted thinking uses logic to create a logical framework, and group people into categories and subcategories, they are able to draw from their introverted intuition and assimilate introverted thinking (TI), to logically assign where a type of person would be better suited.

Combine that with extraverted feeling, which means they are mostly focused on people, and you have the perfect people-reading sensitive machine, intuitive, analytical, and value-driven.

They understand people at such a deep level, and their levels of empathy are so high, that at times they can feel other people’s feelings as their own.

To sum things up, INFJ’s are special, because they are silently strong, kind guides, they have a genuine drive to help others in the most impactful yet gentle way, promoting, self-discovery, self-improvement, and self-reliance.

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