What Is The ISTJ Personality Type?

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What Is The ISTJ Personality Type?

Best Hobbies for ISTJs

ISTJs are one of the most common types, they tend to be straight-to-the-point doers, who don’t like to waste time debating about possible scenarios without any practical use. They get annoyed with lazy and dishonest people because they value honor, honesty, and commitment above all.

Are ISTJs Rare?

ISTJs are thought to be not as rare as other types, in fact, they are believed to be the most common of the types, making up 13% of the population.

They are mostly known for being steadfast in their attachment to a strict moral or ethical code, they are extremely dedicated and believe rules and traditions exist for a reason, because they have been proven to work.

Honesty is something they hold in very high regard, they hold themselves accountable for their own actions, therefore they always try to do the best they can.

They are able to meet deadlines like no other, and perform tasks delegated to them with patience and accuracy.

Come rain or shine they will get the job done, this makes them very valuable employees, as they always strive to do the best they can without forgoing attention to detail.

Are ISTJs Creative?

Are ISTJs Creative?

They are normally clean-cut straight to the point doers, they don’t like to waste time assuming, instead, they prefer to look at the world around them, and then use that information to come up with a practical course of action.

They are good at getting the work going, they don’t dilly dally, or bother with pleasantries when they know what they’re supposed to do.

In the scenario where they find themselves in a position of power, they will expect others to follow their example, and take action as soon as they know what is expected of them.

Types that like to debate or spend time contemplating the possible outcomes of certain situations, annoy the ISTJs, they do not like to waste time with matters that might or might not be successful.

ISTJs see it as a waste of time, and might even get aggravated if they spend too long arguing about potential scenarios without any practical use.

Their sense of duty is admirable, their word is their bond, when they promise something, they fully intend to honor it, so much that for them the concept of other people not behaving the same way and won’t fulfill their obligations, is absurd to them.

What Annoys An ISTJ?

What Annoys An ISTJ?

ISTJs have a deep dislike of lazy, fraudulent, or dishonest people. It’s no wonder they prefer to work alone, having their work being negatively impacted because of someone else’s lesser input, is disordering for them.

So if they are part of a team, and someone isn’t pulling their weight, the ISTJ will make sure to let their concerns known, sometimes not in the most diplomatic way, they are a no-nonsense type, and as so, they will be blunt, short, straight to the point, and at times, unrelenting.

ISTJs are very independent, they do not need, or particularly enjoy supervision, their keen minds work through facts, not suppositions, although they are very capable of working well with others, they might see it as being disadvantageous. Because other people rarely meet their level of commitment and perfectionism.

They live by the code of self-reliance, they will not rely on other people, unless they absolutely have to, and even then they will not like it,

This is because of their high sense of integrity, having to rely on someone else, is seen as a failure or weakness.

Honor, honesty, and sincerity, are core values to this type, it can be their greatest strength, but also their biggest weakness, if they make a mistake or if they inadvertently cause something wrong to happen, they will fall on that sword.

They prefer to face the consequences of their actions than to lie about it. Being honest also means being blunt and speaking exactly what goes through their minds.

Other Hobbies to try

Are ISTJs Sensitive?

Are ISTJs Sensitive?

This stern approach might make others see them as insensitive, automated, and devoid of emotions, which is something that can be highly hurtful for the ISTJ.

They struggle with extroverted feeling, expressing emotions outwardly, is difficult for them, such stereotypes are hurtful, and damaging because they are untrue, everyone has feelings, some share them all the time, others have a harder time showing them, it’s called diversity.

I believe no other personality type has a greater sense of duty than ISTJs, and that sometimes might not work to their advantage.

Other people might maliciously and purposely, shift responsibilities onto them, because they know the ISTJ will get the job done, because what is really important to them, is the function of the unit as a whole.

They are not necessarily after recognition, they are after getting the job done, even if it means picking up other people’s slack.

ISTJs are not ones to run their mouths, for the most part, they tend are very quiet, working in the background and letting the detailed perfection of their work speak for them.

The Bottom Line.

The truth of the matter is that it’s important to recognize the fact that ISTJs bring an element of stability wherever they go, and the people who can appreciate the gifts they have to offer will be rewarded with unwavering loyalty and dedication.

They are not the most expressive personality type, but their excellent work and actions do the talking for them.
They bring clarity, dependability, loyalty, excellence, self-sacrifice, and so much more, only a fool wouldn’t want to have an ISTJ on their team, or as a friend.

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