How To Impress An ENFP

How To Impress An ENFP

If uou want to know how to impress and ENFP, you must understand that for the ENFP, one of the most important things in life is to feel understood and appreciated.

Not only do they want to be able to express themselves but they crave validation from others for their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

They are also very attentive listeners who will give you space when you need it as well as a voice that’s eager to listen with interest and understanding.

And don’t forget about their creativity, give them something new to do or see, that could potentially get their minds going in all sorts of interesting directions!

1. Don’t be Afraid of Being Different.

Don't be Afraid of Being Different. How To Impress An ENFP

ENFPs are basically free of prejudice, if you want to impress an ENFP the first thing you should do is to be out of the ordinary, they love originality, if you can show them something they’ve never seen, you’ll be able to spark their interest right away.

They themselves are naturally creative out of the box thinkers, that’s their bread and butter, don’t be afraid to be judged, because they are as open-minded as they come.

2. Surprise Them.

Surprise Them. How To Impress An ENFP

ENFPs love surprises, put some effort in coming up with the most ridiculously cute surprise, and then present it to them when they least expect it, they will love it.

First they’ll appreciate you taking the time to prepare something solely for them, that means you were thinking about them.

And if you want to take it to the next level, make sure it’s something they can appreciate at a personal level, something specifically designed and catered to them, maybe with their name engraved or a piece of clothing that is exactly their style.

3. Appeal To Their Intelligence.

Appeal To Their Intelligence. How To Impress An ENFP

One of the worst mistakes someone can make when trying to impress an ENFP, is trying to show them that you know better, or you have it all figured out, when you actually don’t, They will see right through you, and you will be quickly dismissed.

Instead, talk about possibilities and potential theoretical scenarios, better yet if you are the one initiating these discussions, this will show them you are also not bound to conformity, and your mind is as imaginative as theirs.

Stimulating their capacity for innovation, will make them feel inspired and connected to you, if you can generate a layout where both of you are together brainstorming about various novel and different ideas, will definitely make you gain some extra points.

4. Be Young at Heart.

Don’t be afraid to let out your inner child, ENFPs are normally happy little creatures, so being happy and wanting to enjoy life is something they appreciate.

It doesn’t have to be something big either, just enjoying life in general, from something as simple as an unplanned trip to the movies or a spontaneous road trip.

Life should be fun and not be taken for granted, this means not always planning everything,

Because, to be honest, plans have a way of not working out, and create expectations that might not be met, and that will in turn give way to frustration.

So going with the flow, and embracing the chaos, is liberating and something that will attract ENFPs.

5. Strip Down Emotionally.

Strip Down Emotionally.

ENFPs want to understand you, they want to know what lies in the most remote regions of your person, let yourself be vulnerable.

They are great at breaking people’s barriers, but if you can save them the trouble, why not.

If you want to impress an ENFP, then be courageous enough to show them the real you, they want to know that you trust enough that you are willing to let it all out, tell them about your demons, your desires, your motivations, and your dreams.

6. Strip Them Down Emotionally.

If you want to impress an ENFP, you should also genuinely be interested in what they have to say about themselves, the same way they appreciate you opening up about your deepest fears and desires.

They want you to be interested in theirs, but really interested not just pretend, listen attentively to every word they have to say, ask them about their passions and what they would love to do, or happen in their lives.

They live in an abstract state of mind, and if you can somehow convince them, you can take their abstract inner world and help them turn it into something real and tangible, then you have truly Impressed them.

7. Show Them You Are Intelligent.

how Them You Are Intelligent.

ENFPs are naturally drawn to intelligence, but tread carefully, knowing how to use that intelligence in an intelligent way is crucial (pun intended)

And by this I mean, if you really want to impress an ENFP, learn how to read between the lines, be intelligent enough to understand what they don’t say, be intelligent enough to capture what lies behind their fun and sociable personality.

Challenge them gently, being intelligent also means knowing how to challenge someone, without coming off as rude or condescending, ENFPs like to be challenged, they like to debate about their many ideas.

There’s a time to be amusing, to be intellectual, humorous, and happy, and a time to be serious.

An intelligent person knows when and how these behaviors are, and are not appropriate.

The bottom line.

If you want to impress an ENFP, you cannot be afraid to be different, surprise them with romantic or personalized gestures, appeal to their intelligence by engaging in novel possibilities and theories.

Summon your inner child and enjoy the best things life has to offer, trust them enough to let down your guard down, and let yourself be vulnerable by showing the real you, weaknesses included,

Be genuinely interested in the real person behind the ENFP fun and bubbly shell, and be smart enough to help them transform their abstract inner world, into reality.

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