How Can ENFPs Improve?

How Can ENFPs Improve?

The ENFP personality type is one of the 16 identified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

ENFPs are curious, kindhearted, and imaginative people who enjoy exploring new ideas and possibilities.

They often want to help others reach their goals or come up with creative solutions for problems.

This blog post will explore how ENFPs could improve themselves. by understanding and addressing some of their weaknesses: impulsiveness, self-discipline, trusting their instinct…

Best Hobbies for ENFPs

LARPing as a hobby


Sculpting as a hobby


Film-Making as a hobby


How Can ENFPs Improve Their Discipline?

ENFPs are free spirits and get bored easily with repetition, so everything that falls into a routine is doomed to perish.

But sometimes a little bit of routine can be very productive, after all, modern society rewards consistency, if you work at the same job for longer you’ll get additional benefits, more vacation time, raises, etc.

But for ENFPs might even be hard to keep up with a gym routine, maybe they go for a week, and the next they decide they prefer to work out at home, this will undoubtedly have a negative impact on their longer(ish) term goals.

They do this because it feels refreshing and fun, so it might help to set up steps where you perform dissimilar tasks, where all of them are connected, and they all lead to the same end goal.

Also assigning clear meaning to your environment, make your office just a place to work, and not to watch movies, or browse the internet.

Sterilize your working space, and by this I mean try to clear or limit, the room from possible distractions, like switching your phone to silent and placing it screen down, so you don’t get distracted with the bombardment of notifications.

How Can ENFPs Improve Through Friendships?

How Can ENFPs Improve Through Friendships?

In all honesty, this point could be said about any type, and that is, choosing to be around people with characteristics that you lack, or you would like to pick up.

If you hang out with someone long enough, you’re bound to have some of their personality rub off on you, and vice versa, so to encourage ENFPs growth, would be beneficial to be around people that are more analytical and consistent.

This type of people are the ones who will help you grow the most, and the best thing about it is, that it works in an organic and natural way, just by them being themselves, they are teaching you different ways and behaviors.

And what makes it even better, is that you will also be helping them with what they lack in their own personality.

That’s what we call a win-win.

How Could ENFPs Improve By Slowing Down?

How Could ENFPs Improve By Slowing Down?

ENFPs are natural speakers, they know how to express themselves and do it on a regular basis, which is great since they are very warm and tender.

But sometimes when they find themselves at social events, that charm can get amplified, and what was once a very exciting and enchanting conversation, can start losing its focus.

ENFPs do not need that added enthusiasm to establish connections, they are already very good at it just by being who they are.

Too much stimulation might become overwhelming to other people, and can cause the ENFP to become drained, tired, and in need of solitude to recharge.

Keep in mind you are naturally charming, people are drawn to your energy and positivism, don’t jeopardize it by overloading yourself.

Other Hobbies To Try

Cosplay as a hobby


Photography as a hobby


Design and Decoration as a hobby

Design and Decoration

How ENFPs Could Improve By Controlling Their NE?

How ENFPs Could Improve By Controlling Their NE?

Being an Extroverted Intuitive dominant type, you will feel like you’re being pulled in all directions, you must realize you need to take the helm, and assert yourself as the captain of the ship.

There are going to be many ideas, many started projects and many delayed decisions, if there’s one thing I’m sure in this life, is that time doesn’t stop, and time doesn’t slow down.

Being pulled everywhere, and delaying decisions, will make you feel lost, without direction, and feel like your not progressing or evolving.

It’s Important for ENFPs to realize that, at some point, they need to redirect their immense amount of energy towards something that will make them feel like they are advancing or getting closer to their utilizing their immense potential.

Feeling like time is passing you by, is one of the worst feelings you can have.

How Could ENFPs Improve Monetarily?

How Could ENFPs Improve Monetarily?

Ok, this might be a controversial topic, but here’s my INTJ logic.

ENFPs are free thinkers and free souls, we’ve already established earlier, society rewards consistency and routine, two things that ENFPs struggle with.

So it’s safe to assume that ENFPs are a type that does not focus on money, or find the pursuit of money very alluring.

But the sad reality is, that in the world we live in, money is synonymous with freedom, and freedom is something that ENFPs are very fond of.

More so than other types, ENFPs need to be careful with their money and try to save healthy amounts for the future.

They need their freedom of expression, their spontaneity, and In order for them to remain authentic, they need to feed their Introverted Feeling, this means remaining authentic, and true to their values.

The worst thing that can happen to your soul, is having to compromise who you are, for a paycheck.

So yes I would say it’s very Important for ENFPs to be vigilant, and save their money, so that in the future they can maintain their purity.

How Could ENFPs Improve By Trusting Their Instinct?

How Could ENFPs Improve By Trusting Their Instinct?

ENFPs can be too trusting to their detriment, in their attempts to try to uplift everyone and make everyone feel at ease, they might fall victims to people with not so good intentions.

Luckily, ENFPs have great intuition, and developed ENFPs are great at spotting such individuals.

The problem happens when they choose to ignore their intuition, or their will to help speaks louder than the warnings signs.

Another way ENFPs could improve is, by paying closer attention, listening, and developing behavior recognition systems.

I’m sure as ENFPs develop, they naturally become wiser and more attuned to these situations.

And although having a healthy dose of skepticism, can be beneficial.

Considerably dimming the light that ENFPs bring to the world, by making them colder or distrusting of others, is sad and unacceptable.

So don’t ever let anyone steal your joy, hold firm, and have faith in the belief that better people will come along, more deserving of your gifts.


ENFPs can improve by slowing down and trusting their instincts.

Give yourself permission to take your time in order to make a good decision, or find someone you trust who can help you be objective about the situation.

You may also want to explore options for improving monetarily if money is an issue.

ENFPs have an uncanny ability to see things from different perspectives and can excel in many fields, but they also have some weaknesses that may be holding them back.

As with any other person’s strengths and weaknesses, these points should be considered holistically when considering how to improve as an individual or within your chosen career path.

With this information at hand, you will now have a better understanding of what is important for improving yourself as an ENFP, and where you might need help if you’re feeling stuck on certain areas of improvement.

We hope this blog post has been helpful!.

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