How to Start Cosplay?

How to Start Cosplay?

Cosplay is when people dress up as characters from TV, movies, and video games.

They do this by wearing costumes to look exactly like the character they want to portray.

Sometimes cosplayers will act out what their fictional counterpart would be doing or say in certain situations so that everyone can get a feel for who they are portraying!

A lot of people have their favorite fictional characters that they would like to be.

This is where cosplaying comes in, a fun hobby for some and an art form for others, but it’s always exciting!

Cosplayers dress up as the character or concept of choice by wearing handmade costumes often including all sorts of props as well.

Some believe this isn’t just about looking cool at comic conventions either.

Those who do it regularly are called ‘cosplayers’, with many going above and beyond copying their costume’s outfit.

Sometimes even role-playing as said character with gestures and mannerisms copied down from TV shows or movies.

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Cosplay is a form of performance art that has become popular in recent years.

It involves dressing up as characters from anime, games, comics, animated movies, and TV shows.

The word “cosplay” comes from the words “costume play.”

But what does it take to start cosplaying? Read on for some tips on how to get started with this exciting hobby!

The History of Cosplay.

The History of Cosplay.

How did cosplay got started?

The costume play has been around since the 1800s.

It was a way for theater actors to create their own costumes using whatever materials they had access to at the time, it started out as an affordable alternative to renting or buying outfits.

Halloween is often considered America’s first cosplay event, with people dressing up in different and creative costumes of frightening images like vampires and witches.

Today, Halloween still allows its participants to dress up but now also offers more freedom when it comes to choosing what character you want to be!

You can have fun being Homestar Runner one year and then become Princess Leia from Star Wars another year.

People are no longer limited by their budget, instead, their free imaginations run wild!

Although costumes have been around for a long time the term cosplay didn’t come about until after World War II when Japanese anime, manga, and video game characters became very popular.

It was then that people began to call them “cosplay” which is a combination of the words “costume” and “play”.

This new trend in Japan quickly spread across the world as cosplayers would put on their favorite character’s outfits for fun or even enter contests with other cosplayers.

The word has been used by many but it didn’t come into common usage until 1974 when American sci-fi fan Ray Bradbury coined it at a science fiction convention in Los Angeles, California.

Cosplaying can be done anywhere from home parties to large gatherings like Comic Conventions!

Is Cosplay Bad?

Is Cosplay Bad?

Cosplay is not bad. It’s just what you make it to be, and how you present yourself in that character.

Some people see the hobby as a form of escapism or an outlet for creativity, while others see it as disingenuous when someone wears the skin of another person been if it is a fictional character.

People think cosplay is bad because they have a misconception about what it is. Cosplay is not dressing up as your favorite character, but actually playing the role of that character on stage.

This practice really develops imagination and helps people to be more creative.

In cosplay, you can become almost anyone. You get to explore new worlds or experience different lives, it is like a dream come true!

If you are not satisfied with your life lately or want to change something about the world we live in, then go ahead and try this out.

Cosplay will help you find yourself and help to add that little flair of excitement to your everyday routine.

What does being a part of such a community give?

It gives people access to complicated techniques which they could never learn on their own, for example how to sew clothes from scratch (even if they don’t know how to use needles).

There’s also no need for anyone to feel left out because of their lack in a certain area, if you have no idea how to make props but would like to participate with other people that do know what they’re doing, then the community will provide the necessary help.

The best part is that even if you do not see yourself as being physically strong or smart enough, there is always someone from the cosplay community who could use your support.

Together you both can become one big hero!

The friendships within this community are normally very strong due to the understanding that they are all trying to create and live a fantasy that enhances their lives even after the end of the events.

So how can something be bad when it brings people together, encourages unity, acceptance, and understanding?

How to Start Cosplay?

Cosplay Gives You a Sense of Belonging

Before you start your first cosplay, there are a few things to consider.

Do you have time and money? What materials do you need for the costume? What is your skill level with creating costumes or sewing in general?

Are you comfortable wearing this type of clothing outside of conventions or private events where it won’t be as obvious that it’s not an original design?

Is this something people will actually recognize from a show, comic book, fan art, etc.?

And finally:

How much attention can you handle being on display all day long at a convention while wearing these clothes, after all, they’re just made by you, so you’ll feel the full force of the feedback, be it positive or negative.

These are important questions you need to ask yourself when seriously considering this hobby.

You’ll be entering a completely different and alien world that could be a little intimidating at first.

So before you start your costumes, it’s important to do some research and get used to cosplay culture.

Not only that but researching the character can be an enlightening experience in its own right.

If you are having trouble with makeup or sewing then there is plenty of help on the internet.

You’ll quickly find that people who cosplay have a lot of time and interest in assisting each other.

In fact, many beauty tutorials originate from within this niche community!

If something seems too difficult for you, don’t worry, you can always choose another costume idea instead 🙂

What will make your new hobby even more enjoyable is getting friends involved as well, it’s more enjoyable when someone close to you shares the same interest.

Why Do People Cosplay?

Why Do People Cosplay?

There are many reasons people cosplay. Some do it to have fun, some might want to be a part of something popular in their community.

Others may feel they need more confidence and being someone different for even just one day can make them feel like anything is possible!

The top five reasons why we think people choose to cosplay include:

1. To Express Themselves Through Embodying Another Identity.

Fans dress up as characters from movies, TV shows, books, or comics ‍to show their appreciation and admiration for the work creators put into these creations.

2. To Meet New Friends Who Share This Interest.

As most anime conventions consist mostly of other fans with an interest in Japanese culture (as well as a significant number of professional creators, artists, and writers), there are plenty of people to meet with similar interests.

3. To Get To Know Other Cultures.

As many cosplayers come from all over the world for anime conventions in different countries, they have opportunities to make international friendships and get a sample of how other cultures feel.

4. For a Sense of Belonging.

Cosplay has grown in popularity throughout the last decade. It is now seen as an activity that celebrates creativity rather than just dressing up as someone else. ‍

The social aspect can be much more fulfilling when done alongside others who share this interest, the feeling of belonging to such an exclusive community is nothing short of fulfilling.

5. To Do Something Creative.

Actors may become famous by embodying another character on screen but it takes dedication and hours of hard work off-camera.

This same level of commitment also applies to those involved in cosplaying, the creativity expressed by the cosplayer is immensely rewarding for them.

For many, it is a fine line between cosplay and art as they strive to take on their favorite character with accuracy but also bring something new to the table.

What Are The Benefits of Cosplaying?

What Are The Benefits of Cosplaying?

It’s a creative outlet. You can express yourself and really show your creativity by creating costumes, props, or even cosplay photography sets.

Fashion is also an important part of the hobby, you’re not just limited to superhero outfits!

Cosplayers frequently dress up as characters from video games, movies, TV shows (such as Game of Thrones).

Anime series like One Piece or Death Note…the list goes on! There are so many genres out there for you to explore.

It can be an opportunity to create something new from scratch.

It’s also a great way for people who may not have the chance to dress up or use their creativity in other ways on a daily basis.

Like those with disabilities, veterans coming back from conflict zones with injuries that limit mobility, or mental health issues such as PTSD.

Moreover, many cosplayers say it gives them confidence and helps them make connections they might not otherwise feel comfortable making at work/school, etc.

Some even credit it as being integral in helping them land jobs appropriate for their skill set!

What Are Some Easy Cosplays for Beginners? How to Cosplay on a Budget?

What Are Some Easy Cosplays for Beginners?

Find a character you want to portray. Search through the pages of anime or manga, looking for your favorite characters.

If you can’t find any that catch your eye, try going on Google images and typing in what type of costume you’re looking for such as “knight” or “princess.” You’ll get plenty of options from there!

The next step is deciding how accurate do you want this cosplay to be?

Do you care about accuracy at all, or are you just trying to have fun with it without caring too much?

Or are you really into getting everything right down so that your outfit will look authentic?

The answer may depend on where you are wearing the cosplay, nevertheless here are some examples of easy cosplay costumes for beginners.

– Rey from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

– Wonder Woman.

– Kylo Ren from the new Star Wars Trilogy (Episode VII)

– Storm Trooper, Death Eater, or Royal Guard.

-Any Harry Potter character.

– Black Widow from Marvel Comics’ Avengers and Captain America movies.

-Superman costume from a bedsheet and your red shirt, cut in an appropriate shape. Add the S on the front with white paint or fabric adhesive.

-Darth Vader Costume out of black pillowcases. Simply make two holes for your eyes to see through and attach them together at the bottom (ties work well).

You can also use socks as part of his cape by cutting slits into it, folding it over itself, and securing it around Darth’s neck!

-Princess Leia Organa’s outfit made up entirely out of sheets, just add some hairpieces and bobby pins.

With this type of cosplay, you want to remember that simplicity is key!


It’s a great feeling to get into the head of your favorite character and portray them in an accurate way.

Cosplay is a fantastic hobby that can inspire creativity, build confidence, help you meet new people who share the same interest as you, and give you a sense of belonging.

We hope that we have provided the information necessary for anyone interested in starting their own journey down this path.

Stay tuned as we will be coming out with more interesting hobby ideas, just like this one.

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