Each MBTI Type As Villains.

Each MBTI Type As Villains.

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How Would INFJs Destroy The World?

After trying over and over again to guide people to be their better selves, just to see that everyone down the line strays from the course and goes back to being what they were.

The INFJ believes people are incapable of truly changing, feeling useless and disappointed in humanity.

They believe the only way to save the world is by destroying it.

They see humans as their equals but believe that our mistakes and corrupt nature, are enough cause for us all to go into nonexistence.

How Would ENFJs Destroy The World?

ENFJ’s sense of justice is a powerful thing, they would have this trait go into overdrive and believe that people are unable to be just and fair to each other.

Not being able to handle the powerful feeling that everyone’s out to get each other, they would proceed to end the world as we know it.

Or everyone gets along and tries to be a better version of themselves, or there’s no point for anyone to be here.

How Would INFPs Destroy The World?

Being rejected one too many times, they start to think that there’s no one out there that can truly understand them.

Tired of shallow connections and not being able to find like-minded people, they retreat into their loneliness.

The fear of dying alone goes into overdrive, that’s when they decide if that if ending up alone is the worst thing that can happen.

The opposite is the best thing that can happen and then proceeds to bring about a mass extinction event taking everyone down with them.

How Would ENFPs Destroy The World?

Afraid of never realizing their true potential, they would delve into the world of energy drinks, in order to have even more ideas.

Hoping to find the perfect idea, that would make their lives complete and give them a feeling of fulfillment.

The extra stimulation proves to be too much for their brain to handle, and now everything is hyper intensified.

As they witness injustice, their repulsion switch activates against humanity, ending up in them believing society is forcing people to be bad to each other, thus striving to end society as we know it.

How Would INTJs Destroy The World?

How Would INTJs Destroy The World?

INTJs would look for the root cause of why humanity acts so irrationally, by kidnapping and experimenting on people’s brains to try to figure out how to solve people’s problems.

This research would consume them, and they would destroy everyone who tried to stop their research.

Not being able to come up with the answer to the problem, they’d assume, that people are beyond help, resulting in them trying to fix the problem in the most effective way, by ending humanity.

How Would ENTJs Destroy The World?

ENTJ is a type of personality that has the ability to be extremely persuasive and convincing.

They would not try to destroy the world but rule it instead, with their massive powers of persuasion, they would convince enough people and create an army of their own.

Everyone they’d deem inefficient or of lesser intellect would be annihilated, and the rest would be forced into submission, under their leadership.

How Would INTPs Destroy The World?

INTPs would be the silent killers, it would take them some time, but in the end, they would create the perfect and the most effective way of disposing of people.

They’d strike in the dead of the night, and with one swift move, people would start dropping like flies, and no one would be the wiser.

How Would ENTPs Destroy The World?

ENTPs crave freedom, but society imposes harsh rules and restrictions on people.

One day the ENTP would snap, and their overwhelming desire for freedom would get the best of them.

They would incite revolts, speaking in podiums gathering more and more people to their cause, until in the end, the only thing that’s left is chaos, and people would end up killing each other off.

How Would ISTJs Destroy The World?

How Would ISTJs Destroy The World?

Society gets the best of them, all the pesky emotions and the lack of structure drive the ISTJ mad.

In their practical ways, the ISTJ would want to create a place where he/she can always find solitude, and socializing is non-existent.

They would research what method was proven to be most effective in the past for getting rid of people.

And then implement it over and over again with mechanical precision, not stopping until the job was done, and there’s no one left.

How Would ESTJs Destroy The World?

ESTJs had enough of people’s laziness and lack of energy.

ESTJs believe that the rest of the population isn’t pulling their weight, and deems them a lesser version of themselves.

The ESTJ would then hire the INTP to create a formula for superior human beings, matching the ESTJ “superior” ways.

Then hire the ISTP to help them build or construct them.

In the end, fearing the INTP or ISTP would become more powerful than them, manipulates both into killing each other.

How Would ISFJs Destroy The World?

ISFJs could not become villains, but as the population grows, the ISFJ cannot keep up with how many people need help.

As they witness the increase in human suffering, they become more and more overwhelmed with emotions.

The only way they see they are able to alleviate everyone’s pain, is by planning a mass extinction event, with them included.

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How Would ESFJs Destroy The World?

The ESFJ had enough of the humanities promiscuous ways.

The lack of morals and family values, finally drives the ESFJ insane, they see people getting more and more distant due to the internet and social media.

This is something that the ESFJ cannot tolerate, people were meant to be together, people need to uphold traditions.

The ESFJ doesn’t want to live in a world where everything is disconnected.

Saving their family and close friends, they would flee to a deserted island, while bombing the rest of the world.

How Would ISTPs Destroy The World?

How Would ISTPs Destroy The World?

In a world that becomes more and more automated.

Where robots are used to fix and repair other robots, the ISTP starts losing its sense of purpose.

Their relaxed demeanor starts giving way to their risky behavior, this, in turn, pushes them further deep into the dangerous confines of their creative minds.

Becoming more and more isolated, the ISTP starts creating their own robots to destroy the other robots that put them in this state of mind, to begin with.

This is the beginning of the robot wars, in time they become self-aware, and do I really have to say what happens next…

How Would ESTPs Destroy The World?

Loses a dumb bet where they need to put their heads into a wasps nest.

As painful as it might be, it also unleashes a level of adrenaline they’ve never experienced before.

Becoming hyper-addicted to adrenaline, the ESTP experiments with everything they can, diving in shark-infested waters, wrestling with bears, or riding lions.

But nothing seems to satisfy anymore, there’s one last big thrill left, to call on their ISTP friend to help him build a bomb so big, that will destroy the entire world.

How Would ESFPs Destroy The World?

It seems like nowadays everyone is an entertainer.

The bar for what is considered entertainment is so low, that the true entertainers, get less recognition and appreciation than a random joe with a webcam.

This infuriates the ESFP, what used to give them an edge and make them unique, is slowly vanishing, as YouTube channels, try to steal the ESFPs thunder.

The ESFP thinks that if everyone wants to be like them, then they’ll make everyone exactly alike, calling upon their many, many friends to go around performing baseball bat induced lobotomies.

Turning everyone into zombies.

How Would ISFPs Destroy The World?

How Would ISFPs Destroy The World?

The rapid decline of the art world sees many artistic types end up on the streets.

People just stopped buying art, because there’s so much free and instant gratification with the internet age these days, tik tok was the last drop.

ISFPs cannot bear the lack of authenticity of what is considered art these days, everyone seems to be only interested in fame and money at any cost, forsaking all and every personal values.

They start believing everyone is fake, and not worthy of our beautiful and sensible planet, so they plan to take revenge, and claim nature for themselves, assembling an evil dream team:

ENTP/ENFP for idea generation.

The INTP to iron all the kinks.

The INTJ to plan every little detail.

The ISTP and ISTJ to implement it.

The ESTJ to supervise and delegate work.

And the ENTJ to lead the team.

All the while the ISFP works on their final masterpiece, creating a painting that they would call “the demise of humanity”

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