How Are INTJs In The Workplace?

How Are INTJs In The Workplace?

Best Hobbies for INTJs

INTJs are highly organized and efficient, but that doesn’t mean they lack creativity.

When given work to do, INTJs focus completely on it without distraction, until the task is completed as close to perfection as possible.

Their auxiliary function of Extraverted Thinking isn’t just about efficiency, it also has a creative side when designing new systems or ways to complete tasks quicker.

INTJs like getting things done efficiently, which makes them an invaluable asset in any workplace environment.

They dislike pressure but are able to think rationally once pressure has been imposed upon them.

This provides relief for their bosses, who can stop worrying about missed deadlines and lower productivity while the INTJ is working on the project.

They will follow through with precision, so their bosses don’t have to worry if things get done properly or not.

How to Keep an INTJ Productive.

INTJs like to solve problems, so if you keep them busy, they’ll be less likely to find new ones. The worst kind of INTJ employee is the one left bored without any tasks at all.

They’re not going to make it easy on themselves, and just do nothing, instead, they may notice things they shouldn’t have been noticed in the first place.

Like preferences within the workplace, co-workers slacking off or dig up sensitive information about their coworkers or the company, just because they are bored.

So don’t let your INTJs get too restless, this is when their problem-solving skills can go into overdrive!

INTJs are great employees when kept engaged, but they can lose focus if given too much free time, this means, boredom often leads an INTJ down.

How To Solve INTJ Authority Issues.

How To Solve INTJ Authority Issues.

INTJs are notorious for being difficult to manage types. They don’t respond well to titles, and if they care enough, they will even let you know if they feel like the work is not up to their standards.

They don’t respond well to titles, and if they care enough, they will even let you know if they feel like the work is not up to their standards.

It’s Important to remember that INTJs can be one of the best assets in the workplace, and if you’re lucky enough to have one on your team, make sure to take advantage of it.

As they offer a range of skills, but these abilities only shine when given proper direction, preferably from someone who understands how to best utilize them.

When an INTJ has found its place with these kinds of managers, there’s no going wrong.

This personality is dependable and hardworking, all the while staying true to themselves at every turn.

How Are INTJ Coworkers?

The INTJ is an introvert, preferring to work in solitude on projects. They may not feel comfortable attending every workplace function, and they are known for being headstrong.

This can lead them into frustrating discussions with those who lack understanding about the topic discussed. Even if it’s their own idea!

As long as you don’t force them into something, where there’ll be too many people around at once, (like any type of team-building event).

INTJs are not your average office worker, they have intense focus, and lack of patience for people who can’t keep up.

These introverts may find themselves at a disadvantage in the workplace, where teamwork is key to success.

INTJ personality types often work best alone and can be stifled by unwieldy social interactions, or group meetings.

INTJs don’t need constant interaction with coworkers, this difference between individualism and collectivism might be disadvantageous when dealing with team-building exercises.

The INTJ’s main goal is not to engage in an endless debate of ideas, they are often very good at seeing the best course of action.

And believe too much time contemplating lesser ideas, is unnecessary and unproductive.

How Are INTJ Managers?

How Are INTJ Managers?

INTJs are natural-born leaders, even if it might not seem so on the surface, they fall under the sigma category, which is the quiet reluctant leader.

Rather than the alpha male, which is the outspoken and action-oriented leader.

INTJs normally have a deep understanding of their industry, and what it takes to be successful in it.

This means that they don’t throw around authority, just because that’s what is expected of them.

Instead, INTJs look for ways in the workplace to promote innovation, while still maintaining effectiveness, even if this includes breaking with standard hierarchies when necessary.

This dedication has made them some of the most effective people in today’s workforce, and they can do it without pandering, or validating themselves constantly.

INTJs are not ones to take charge of everything. They don’t necessarily enjoy having somebody subservient below them.

They would rather work with others as equals, in order to put to good use everyone’s talents and strengths, so it benefits the overall outcome of the project.

Even if that means delegating tasks, or taking more responsibility themselves at times.

The INTJ boss is always attentive but never micromanaging because they believe that can inhibit creativity.

Other Hobbies to try

Are INTJs Professional?

INTJs are the type of people you want to hire when you need someone who is going to see a project through.

They know what they’re doing, and do it at an efficient pace, never wasting their time on temporary solutions or band-aids.

The Stereotype that INTJs are blind to details, is not entirely true.

INTJs can be very detail-oriented, while also possessing a strategic view of things, which is perfect for finding solutions when there are many problems that need fixing at once.

With their strong focus on problem-solving, they address not only the symptoms but dive deeper into what causes them, resulting in the complete eradication of the problem.

How Do INTJs Make Decisions?

How Do INTJs Make Decisions?

INTJs are often seen as one of the best decision-makers because they make decisions based on logic, rather than emotions.

They have a strong opinion, and will not be swayed by anyone in their pursuit of logical thinking.

A lot can happen between deciding to do something, and actually following through, most people need time for emotions to kick in before they take action.

INTJs on the other hand, prefer to hold on to those emotions and process them later by their lonesome.

An INTJ is often attentive to a team member’s ideas or concerns. They are often adaptable to change, and accepting of others ideas, as long as they feel their intentions are ethical and logical.

They will often help others, but not at the expense of themselves, And will take on complicated tasks with a level head when they see a coworker struggling, or unable to complete the task.

But be warned…

They value authenticity within personal and work relationships above all else, so much that if they think you’re lying or being disingenuous, your relationship is over before it even began!

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