The Dangerous And Unhealthy Side Of ENFPs.

The Dangerous And Unhealthy Side Of ENFPs.

Best Hobbies for ENFPs

If you watch my videos on YouTube then you know that I have a special admiration for this particular type.

As a total introvert, I admire ENFP’s capacity for inventiveness their ability to connect with others, and how they genuinely care for others.

As you may or may not know, those are all traits that most introverted types fall short on.

But everyone has the capacity for good and evil, or to be a healthy or unhealthy version of themselves, even the lovable ENFPs.

At the risk of upsetting most of my viewers and subscribers, I’m going to focus on the latter, which is: how does an ENFP look like, in its unhealthy and dangerous state?

Why ENFPs Are Dangerous?

1. Creativity.

Yes, creativity can also be dangerous if wielded with bad intentions, I think ENFPs can be dangerous due to their immense creativity, if they for some reason decide they need to act revenge on someone, they can conjure a multitude of ways to go about it.

Extroverted Intuition is an idea generator, the only problem they might face is deciding which idea will have the most impact.

Although the idea of an ENFP going for revenge seems a bit absurd to me, but I guess it’s possible.

2. Charm and Charisma.

I see ENFPs potential for danger due to their heavy charm and charisma, in their healthy state they are charismatic, likable, and endearing, this makes it very easy for other people to trust them.

This opens a huge opportunity or chance for manipulation, If Unhealthy ENFPs choose so, they can easily manipulate others to do their bidding.

I’m not talking about manipulating someone for their own benefit, like helping them achieve their full potential, as a healthy ENFP would do.

I’m referring to the unhealthy version of it, where they might play into people’s emotions and guilt them into doing what they want.

One way they can do this is by acting like they’re hurt or upset so other people jump out to help them.

They are very good at playing at people’s emotions, normally that is a very good thing because they are naturally very empathetic.

But if left unchecked in the hands of an unhealthy ENFP, it can become very emotionally straining for the other person.

Other Hobbies to try

3. Revealing Other People’s Secrets.

As I mentioned before, ENFPs are very good at allowing space for others to be themselves, this, in turn, will prompt others to open up, and even confide their innermost secret desires and motivations.

This sort of information in the hands of an extremely unhealthy ENFP can be quite dangerous, knowing other people’s secrets, can give unhealthy ENFPs a sense of power over the other person.

A healthy ENFP will be happy and overjoyed that the other person trusts and likes them enough to disclose such private matters, but an unhealthy ENFP might feel tempted to use that information for their own benefit.

4. Contagious Dark Feelings.

ENFPs have a contagious personality, and a way to engage with people that is very captivating, but their magnetic personality doesn’t stop being captivating when they step into their dark side.

Normally when this happens they prefer to disappear, so they don’t burden others with their afflictions, but there are always going to be people affected by it, I’m talking about family or the closest friends.

When ENFPs get stressed out, the people around them will also become stressed out, and their dark feelings will rub off on their closest friends and loved ones.

Their magnetic personality does not discriminate whether they are feeling good or bad, it’s like a black hole, whatever is closest to them, gets sucked in.

Fortunately, this is something that doesn’t last long, and before you know it, they are back being their fun and idealistic selves.

What is An Unhealthy ENFP?

What is An Unhealthy ENFP?

1. Self-Defeating.

ENFPs in their healthy state are normally full of ideas and enjoy the prospect of debating those ideas with others, the back and forth brainstorming of various concepts, possibilities, and upshots are exciting and stimulating.

The unhealthy ENFP will give up on this practice and will shy away from new opportunities, instead, they might follow a self-destructive or self-defeating path.

2. Physical Appearance.

ENFPs pride themselves in their aesthetics and singular, positive and vibrant look, the healthy ENFP will put effort into how they dress and derive a sense of esteem from their unique identity.

On the other hand, when an ENFP is feeling down and enters a very unhealthy state, this becomes enhanced tenfold, or they overly obsess about their appearance in a detrimental way.

Or they totally neglect it and forgo taking care of their appearance or even their own body.

3. Validation.

When it comes to validation, the ENFPs happy or healthy version won’t require great amounts of external validation.

ENFPs are normally confident and happy-go-lucky pretty creatures, even though they like the occasional compliment, it’s not going to make them or break them.

The unhealthy ENFP on the other hand will appear like they lost all their self-assurance and cool-headedness, instead, they require an excessive amount of validation from outside sources, and if they don’t get it, they become anxious and a bit neurotic.

4. Meaningful.

If there’s one thing that ENFPs tend to endure, is the fear of missing out, that is why they are constant seekers of meaningful experiences, they want to experience strong emotions.

They are known for being a type that only exists in the extremes, or it is intense, or it’s nothing at all.

An unhealthy ENFP, might come up with a million distractions, or resort to a number of excuses, in order to not feel guilty about not pursuing what is really important to them.

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