INFJ Strengths, Weaknesses, and How to Improve.

INFJ Strengths, Weaknesses, and How to Improve.

Best Hobbies for INFJs

INFJs are deep, creative thinkers that approach each new day with a sense of optimism and integrity.

They can be found in all walks of life: doctors, politicians, teachers…the list goes on.

INFJs want to make an impact for the betterment of humanity, but they also take action by concretely striving towards their own goals.

They are versatile in their personality traits, which makes them complex.

For instance, INFJs can speak passionately and with conviction when they stand up for their ideals.

However, at other times, the INFJ may choose to be soft-spoken or understated rather than challenge others.

Here are their strengths and weaknesses, and also some tips for improvement.

What Are INFJs Strengths?

What Are INFJs Strengths?


INFJs love finding the right solution for people they care about. They use their imagination and strong sense of compassion to achieve this.

They can be great counselors and advisors as well.


INFJs are known for their ability to see beyond superficialities and get to the core of matters.

This can allow them to see the heart of people and their motivations.


INFJs tend to hold deep beliefs and to speak out on subjects that are important to them.

INFJs are able to inspire and persuade even the most skeptical of people with their idealism.


INFJs are able to pursue their ideals with a singular focus that can catch others off-guard, they are not content with the status quo and will often go against the grain.

INFJs are passionate about their cause, which is a major aspect of their personality.


INFJs are people who use their strengths to benefit others.

They think about the impact of their actions on others and strive to make the world a better place by being kind to everyone around them.

What Are INFJs Weaknesses?

What Are INFJs Weaknesses?


INFJs can react strongly to criticism, or objections to their values and principles.

This personality type is prone to defensiveness when confronted with criticism or conflict, especially when it involves issues close to their hearts.

Closed off.

INFJs are honest, but also private.

It may be difficult for them to share their problems and be vulnerable.

They might feel they can solve their problems themselves, or they don’t want others to be burdened by their struggles.

INFJs who don’t seek help may be inadvertently limiting their potential or creating distance between themselves and others.


INFJ is a personality type that is defined by optimism.

Although this is a great quality, it is not always possible to have the ideal situation.

INFJs may find it hard to appreciate their job, living situation, or relationships if there is a constant focus on the negative, and wondering if there should be a better way.

Avoid the Ordinary.

INFJs are motivated by a greater purpose in their lives.

It might seem tedious or incongruous to break down their large visions into smaller, more manageable steps.

They could be setting themselves up to frustration if they are unable to work towards their dreams.

They may feel like mundane routine activities, as obstacles between them and their goals.

Burnout Easily.

INFJs may be unable to let their steam out due to their perfectionist tendencies, and being reserved.

This personality type can become exhausted if they don’t find ways to balance their desire to help others, and their need for rest and self-care.

How INFJs Overcome Their Weaknesses.

How INFJs Overcome Their Weaknesses.

Facing Your Fears.

Fear can stop you from doing what you want.

Fearlessness is a virtue, facing adversity instead of avoiding it, will prove to be very beneficial, because develops the right tools to overcome fear, when it happens again.

Take the Time to Look Around You.

Try to be more aware of the physical aspects of life.

The physical world is made out of much more than what meets the eye.

Don’t look just with your eyes, try to see beyond the immediate.

Reach For The Impossible.

Try to understand what you don’t know, and do the things you think you can’t.

The most difficult and rewarding challenges in life are the ones that we deem impossible.

It’s better to try anything than do nothing, you’ll never know how amazing your potential can be, without experimenting with it!

The only thing that is stopping you from becoming “whoever” you want to be, or accomplishing a task, is yourself.

Treat Yourself as You Treat Others.

Give yourself the same love, respect, compassion, kindness, and support as you give others.

As well as you take care of others, take care of yourself too.

Do not neglect to show the same concern for yourself, as you do with others.

Other Hobbies to try

It’s Ok to Be Wrong or Make Mistakes.

It’s important to allow yourself the freedom of being wrong from time to time.

You have the ability to be wrong, but you also possess a great natural talent for being right.

You can see things from multiple perspectives, and may often arrive at an accurate conclusion about many important matters, or even trivial ones.

Feeling like you’re not allowed to fail, puts tremendous pressure on you.

Remember that mistakes help us learn and grow, don’t beat yourself up if you make mistakes along the way, instead see them as opportunities to learn.


We want more for ourselves than low self-worth, don’t we?

We all have so much inside us waiting to come out with the right kind of encouragement, from others and just some time spent on our own pursuits also.

Investing in things like better nutrition or working towards skill mastery, is necessary if you are going to improve as an individual, as well as a human being.

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