What makes INFPs So Special?

What makes INFPs So Special?

Best Hobbies for INFPs

It’s hard to pinpoint one thing, but what can be said is that they are creative, sensitive people who want the world to be a better place.

They are often introverted and enjoy spending time alone with their thoughts.

But don’t think that means they’re anti-social!

They just prefer quality over quantity when it comes to relationships.

If you’re an INFP or know one, this blog post will give you some insight into their personality traits and how to best interact with them.

How Imaginative INFPs Really Are?

How Imaginative INFPs Really Are?

INFPs minds are a place where wonder and imagination reign supreme.

They may seem reserved to others, but it’s in this inner world that INFPs find their true selves.

INFP minds are often made up of a different and new reality, full of confusion at first glance yet with countless possibilities.

The INFP is a unique and imaginative individual with boundless inner worlds that sometimes seem turbulent.

They are often described as being adept at imagination, prone to the vastness in their thoughts yet making sense of it all through creativity.

They can see designs where others may fail to see anything at all.

As such, this personality type will often have creative ventures ranging from writing poetry or prose novels alike.

But they’re not limited to just one medium, you can find INFPs that love photography, others may be more inclined to paint, as musicians, etc.

Are INFPs Calm on the Ouside but Emotional Inside?

One of the most fascinating things I find about INFPs is the variation between their calm exterior and their frivolous interior.

You wouldn’t guess it by looking at them, their surface level is often misleading, and if you are lucky enough they will allow you to see a glimpse of their fantastic inner world.

People are sometimes drawn to personalities like theirs because they themselves are an escape from reality.

That is if you are part of their inner circle.

INFPs have the ability to connect with others on an intense, soulful level that few can understand.

But as they navigate new social environments, they may find themselves feeling lonely at times.

They long for a connection so deep it becomes part of them, in other words, they want more than anything to find a friend or a loved one who understands their thoughts and feelings completely.

The problem is that often they don’t know how to connect with others, due to their inner world being intense, expansive, and different from the norm!

Instead, They try to connect with others through other means, for example:

When given the chance and opportunity to express themselves freely in any artistic medium, they are able to dazzle us mere mortals with fantastic experiences.

This gives everyone else the opportunity to peek behind the curtain of their imagination.

This is one of the best ways they know to bring people into their world.

Why INFPs Keep Changing Their Mind?

Why INFPs Keep Changing Their Mind?

The INFP is a creature capable of assuming the most diverse forms.

They are forever searching for their true selves, never truly content with any one appearance or character, all these forms are but a piece belonging to a bigger character, the True Self.

Becoming masterful at changing oneself seems like some rare ability but when you think about these individuals, perhaps this isn’t so surprising after all.

They are masters at sticking it to society’s structures.

The true brilliance behind INFPs lies in the fact that they rather persevere through personal discovery all the while colliding with established norms and patterns, but still remaining unwavering in their belief that individuality is as important as anything else.

As they try to navigate life on their own terms they show us that “Growth should never erase individuality, or paychecks shouldn’t cancel creativity…

This relentless focus on individuality sets them apart from the rest of the tribe, and even though it alienates them from the rest, it also provides them with the freedom they need to walk outside the confines of normalcy.

This allows them to have a love affair with unconventional perspectives.

They seek to see things from all sorts of angles and possibilities, daydreaming in an imaginative world where anything is possible.

It makes perfect sense that the INFP would be drawn towards creative pursuits, they thrive off curiosity more than any other type.

Other Hobbies to try

Are INFPs Moral People?

INFPs are compassionate, loyal, and very moral people.

They have an inner moral compass that they follow, even if it means doing something that is inconvenient or not easy at first glance for them personally.

The INFP has a deep need to be true to themselves, this may seem like selfishness or stubbornness.

But stubbornness can be advantageous when it’s focused on the right thing, and when they have a very strong moral compass, what can go wrong?

Not just being true, but also unwavering on their beliefs, drives change and innovation convictions this strong don’t go away or dissipate easily.

Allow me to explain:

We need INFPs to show us that we cannot forget our individualism, our originality, imagination, ingenuity etc, because all these things are tied together.

And INFPs remind us, that yes, we should move forward, but if we want to grow the right way, we cannot neglect what makes each of us unique.

We cannot forget that uniqueness breeds diversity of opinion, which then drives invention, and invention is paramount to finding solutions to our problems, present, and future.

Maintaining our individualism and uniqueness is more important than people might think, and we can only be thankful for INFPs, as they stand as constant reminders of the importance of individuality and why it should never be neglected or forgotten.


The INFP personality type is a complex one that stands out in its contrast between a calmer exterior and a very animated interior.

They are passionate, creative, imaginative people who can be shapeshifters of their own personalities.

Their boundless inner world allows the INFP to explore new interests with ease and they possess an inner moral compass that makes them always aware of how individuality should never be neglected or forgotten.

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