Are INTJs Good Friends?

Are INTJs Good Friends?

Best Hobbies for INTJs

Introverted INTJs are often stereotyped as being bad friends.

This is because they have a tendency to be quiet, reserved, and less talkative than most people.

However, INTJs can make excellent friends for the right person.

INTJs may not be chatty but they do tend to be loyal and honest which makes them great friends to those who appreciate that kind of personality trait.

Are INTJs Good friends?

INTJs are good friends for the right person. They are loyal and honest, which makes them great friends to those who can appreciate a blunter and in your face kind of personality.

INTJs may not be chatty, but they do tend to be talkative with people they trust, so they can make excellent companions if you happen to be a more genuine and open-minded person.

INTJs have an uncanny ability to read between the lines and understand what is really going on in relationships, friendships, coworkers, etc.

Even when others don’t seem to be aware of it, this means that INTJs often know how conflicts should be handled.

Because they see things from all angles, while other people only notice one side (their own).

What’s it Like To Be Friends With an INTJ?

What's it Like To Be Friends With an INTJ?

INTJs are very slow to make friends, this means that they will often have few friendships.

INTJs can also be good at pushing people away because the INTJ is so used to being misunderstood and might not even notice when they’re hurting someone’s feelings.

Or even noticing what others need from them in a relationship.

INTJs are usually intelligent enough to figure out how relationships should work but don’t always know how other people think and feel.

INTJs are best with a small group of friends, they usually do not like being the center of attention.

They prefer to be around people that they can have discussions and debates with, (and INTJs love debating about the things that interest them).

They normally look for someone who has similar interests as them in order to feel comfortable enough to talk about their hobbies or passions.

INTJs are very intellectual people, and they will not be good friends with someone who does not have the same interests as they do.

They can become easily bored of a person if they feel like there is nothing in common, or if they feel like they have to maintain the friendship for some other reason.

INTJs also get worn out by too much socializing, their brains need time to process all the new information, so they will only go out when they really want to spend time with you.

How To Be a Better Friend To INTJs.

INTJs need time to take everything in, they don’t want you sharing your life with them right away, they will only go out when they are really interested and excited about the activity.

They like intellectual conversations just as much as talking about their passions or interests.

So if you can talk intelligently on a topic that INTJ is passionate about then it’s likely that INTJ will be able to return the favor by engaging in deep conversation with you too.

They also love being one of the smartest people in an environment so make sure not to patronize them, let them know how intelligent and brilliant they are!

How To Understand Your INTJ Friend.

How To Understand Your INTJ Friend.

INTJs are often misunderstood by other types because of how they behave in social situations.

They need time to warm up to people and will only start talking when they feel comfortable with a person, so don’t be offended if INTJ is acting reserved at first.

They take their friendships just as seriously as romantic relationships when an INTJ befriends someone, they care deeply.

INTJ values honesty over anything, so expect brutal truths all the way.

They can also get really upset about being lied to or manipulated, so make sure they can trust you, before doing anything INTJs might not approve of.

INTJs will be honest about their own flaws and mistakes, so if the INTJ is being a jerk to someone else, it’s probably because they think the other person deserves it

If INTJ chooses to consider you a friend, try going with them on adventurous activities, like hiking mountain climbing, as INTJs love these types of things, and would value some time spent in nature.

You could also try to introduce them to new people by bringing them into your inner circle at work or school since INTJs struggle with meeting new people, just discuss it with them first.

What Type Is Most Compatible With INTJs as Friends?

The INTJ friend needs to be able to tolerate the INTJs tendency of being blunt and honest.

INTJs are very private individuals, so their friends may not know a lot about what they do in their free time or anything else that INTJs don’t want them to see.

Friends should also have similar values as INTJs because many people will find this personality type intimidating at first glance, due to some strong opinions on how society should function.

INTJ is best matched with ENFP friends, who can often understand INTJs thoughts better than most others would be able to.

Since ENFPs are one of the most accepting types, INTJs can feel more at ease when communicating their thoughts.

ENFPs bring the INTJs out of their shell and push them out into the real world, this brings INTJs a variety of benefits since INTJs extremely introverted nature makes them prone to stagnate and never leave their comfort zone.

When Introverted types spend too much time by themselves they can start looping and get stuck between their introverted functions, the more time they spend there, the harder it is to come back to normalcy.

ENFPs prevent that from happening while being very accepting of the quirkiness of the INTJ.

On the other hand, INTJs are able to slow down ENFPs and provide them with deeper and more focused insight.

INTJ friends can’t be too pushy though because INTJs need to know that they always have a choice as to whether or not, they want to do something.


The best way to be a good friend to an INTJ is by giving them the space they need.

You’ll find that it’s easier than you think, and if you’re willing to invest in their friendship, your time will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

If you want more tips on understanding and befriending INTJs (or any other personality type), we have plenty of articles for those who are looking for advice about how to get along with all types!

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