Things ENFPs Teach Others.

Things ENFPs Teach Others.

Best Hobbies for ENFPs

ENFPs have a knack for seeing the best in people and situations.

They are spontaneous, flexible, creative, imaginative, and always full of energy.

This article will go over what an ENFP personality is like, and how they can help you with your life!

These are some of the things that ENFPs teach others. Let’s begin.

ENFPs Teaches You That There Are Many Types Of Intelligence.

For some, intelligence is a measure of IQ. But there are other forms that don’t involve sitting down analyzing the intricacies of quantum physics.

There’s such a thing as emotional intelligence, which can be measured by how well you communicate with others, to put them at ease.

There’s more than one type of brilliant person out there, even if your ENFP friend or partner is not studying to become a rocket scientist.

They have the propensity to be insanely smart, when it comes to art, languages, communication, empathy, etc.

ENFPs Teach Us That Sensitivity Is Not Synonymous With Weakness.

ENFPs Teach Us That Sensitivity Is Not Synonymous With Weakness.

ENFPs can be the life of the party, and they’re great at networking.

They can be sensitive with themselves and others, which can sometimes lead them to an emotional roller coaster ride.

However, this sensitivity has also made them excellent friends who don’t judge you for your feelings or opinions! Don’t mistake a passionate person for someone who is weak.

An ENFP will fight hard to defend the people they care about, and what they feel is unfair.

Another benefit of being friends with an ENFP, is that you never need to be ashamed to cry in front of them, because they understand very well how emotional it can get sometimes.

ENFPs Teach Us That Balance is Key.

ENFP personality types enjoy the benefits of spontaneity, freedom, and following their passions.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not just as capable of hard work when it’s needed, no matter how long-term or short-lived those goals might be.

ENFPs live in a constant search of balance between having a great time, while also being committed to accomplishing something significant…Whatever form that may take on at any given moment.

Balance is key for everyone, from relationships to meaningful careers, ENFPs have come to learn this truth, sometimes the hard way.

ENFPs Teach Us That Not Everything Has To Be Significant.

ENFPs Teach Us That Not Everything Has To Be Significant.

ENFPs are often seen as fickle or ambivalent because they move quickly between interests and thoughts. The truth is, they like to do the things that excite them the most.

Sometimes our interests might lead us nowhere in terms of a career or relationship, but pursuing your passion will always make you happy!

ENFPs follow their own leads without looking back. You never know where certain roads will lead you, if you do not give them a fair chance, not everything needs to bear a deeper meaning.

ENFPs know that exploring new ideas, concepts, and theories, might open gateways that lead down to paths they never thought possible, and that might prove to be extremely beneficial.

ENFPs Teach Us To Look Beneath The Surface.

It’s easy to assume that people who are outgoing, friendly, and cheerful have a carefree approach to life.

However, ENFPs often balance their natural charisma with hard work, when it comes down to what they wish to obtain, be it academic, or personal.

So don’t judge them by what they seem like on the surface, invest some of your personal energy into getting to know someone deeply, you might be pleasantly surprised!

This advice applies to all personality types and to anyone in general. Remember to never underestimate others, because first impressions are rarely a good indicator of how a person really is on the inside.

There’s a lot more to ENFPs than just knowing how to have a good time. However, being sociable and outgoing does not mean they can’t be studious or successful in their career pursuits, in fact, often it helps them!

If you get the chance to really know an ENFP student or worker on the job, don’t rule out any possibilities about who they truly are.

ENFPs Teach Us To Solve Problems In A Fun Way.

ENFP personality types are known for their highly imaginative minds, and knack for creative thinking.

They’re also excellent problem solvers, as they approach challenges head-on, with a willingness to be spontaneous.

That allows them to think about things from an entirely new angle or perspective.

An ENFP in the workplace is always helpful, because you know there will never be any dull moments when it comes to solving problems, they make it all seem fun and exciting!

ENFPs Teach Us that Our Actions Come Full Circle.

ENFPs are great motivators and believe everyone possesses their own skills and talents. By being motivational and encouraging, ENFPs are able to help others achieve their goals and dreams.

By seeing the potential within everyone, ENFPs have a way of making other’s lives better!

ENFPs teach us that we all possess our own skills and talents, which is great motivation for those who may not think so highly of themselves.

Good deeds and positivity come full circle, projecting love and acceptance, yields positivism and happiness.

Treating people with respect, and driving them to be a better version of themselves…

Not only makes ENFPs feel good, but in their time of need, they’ll have many people on their corner ready and willing to help.

Other Hobbies to try

ENFPs Teach Us To Be Instantly Friendly, And That Is A Great Thing.

ENFP personality types are often described as friendly and easy to approach. But there is much more complexity than what first meets the eye!

In reality, ENFPs can be incredibly open or super private, they may not even let all their opinions leak out. These types come in layered packages, where only some parts will be revealed at any given time.

Only by getting to know someone better, can you tell what they’re really like.

People often put on a false face because of their insecurities, which is why it’s important not to judge based on the first impressions.

There are always hidden depths below any surface. But this does not impede them from being friendly and outgoing from the beginning.

Many people close themselves off or put up thick barriers between themselves and the outside world. Some come off as reserved. others as indifferent, and some even as rude.

But ENFPs come off as friendly and motivational, and this allows for connections to be established rather quickly.

Which means less time wasted on the assessment, skeptic, or getting to know period, and more time spent on enjoying each other’s company.

I believe this to be a valuable lesson that everyone could benefit from.


ENFPs are full of life and love to learn new things.

They can be a little sensitive, but this is not synonymous with weakness, in fact, it often means that they’re more insightful than others.

Balance is also something that ENFPs need in their lives and a powerful lesson to be learned.

If something doesn’t seem significant, look beneath the surface, there’s much more to ENFPs and people in general than what meets the eye.

ENFPs teach us that when solving problems, we should try thinking about different solutions or approaches rather than getting stressed out and trying to find one perfect solution right away.

An ENFP will always want to help people feel better by making them laugh at their own mistakes, while also teaching us how important our actions are and how they come full circle!

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