About me.

My Name is Sandro Candeias, Portugal-born, Canadian resident since 2006, I’m a huge fan of everything related to psychology, at the same time being an avid hobby enthusiast, I try to experience as much as I can.

My main goal is to provide a better insight into what hobbies would be better suited for each individual, I’m a firm believer that everyone could benefit from what hobbies provide us.

Having an activity that truly fulfills our creativity, makes us happier and more tolerant to life’s hurdles.

By combining  Psychology, MBTI, and Hobbies, I aspire to create the perfect recipe for happiness.

Understanding breeds acceptance, and understanding ourselves better, as well as others, has the potential to create a better world.

“Learning about, people’s motivations, their flaws, their strengths, and how they perceive and interact with the world, will equip you with all the necessary knowledge to be more successful with your relationship with others, with the world, as well as with yourself”

Thank you for visiting, hope you get some value and discover something new that helps to improve your life.