Does Pole Dancing Stop Hurting?

Does Pole Dancing Stop Hurting?

Pole Dancing is a very rewarding sport, but it does come with some caveats in the beginning.

For newcomers to the sport or those who are less than advanced in their skillset, this first experience can be painful! 

But it doesn’t have to hurt forever. All you need is patience and practice – lots of both in order for your muscle memory and joint alignment to stabilize, so that climbing becomes easier over time.

Every first-timer is going to be scared of the pain, but before you know it your skin will be conditioned to withstand a variety of moves close to those sensitive areas.

At first, discomfort and bruises are expected, however, as time goes on things do start feeling better, so long as you’re consistent with practice!

Why Does Pole Dancing Hurt in The First Place?

Why Does Pole Dancing Hurt in The First Place?
Why Does Pole Dancing Hurt in The First Place?

Your first-time pole dancing can be pretty rough. You’re putting skin that’s sensitive and delicate under a lot of pressure, not to mention how embarrassing it is when you slip up in front of everyone!

First things first – the body reacts differently to every person. No two people are alike so there really isn’t one answer for why your body might react poorly at first.

But we do know from research and watching countless informative pole dancing videos, that with many dancers who have gone through this before, what some common problems may be happening during those initial stages.

Numbness, tingling sensations or pain (sometimes all three!), chafed areas because the skin isn’t meant to rub against metal poles like they would regular floor surfaces such as clothing.

Your inner thighs are not typically subjected to the rubbing that occurs in a pole dancing session.
When this motion is new, your central nervous system sends signals through something called Nociceptors, which then warn your brain of potential damage on these delicate areas of skin. 

These receptors work like tiny messengers telling you about what’s going on with sensitive parts of our body.
It’s just a self-defensive mechanism, telling us some parts of our are being overused in ways they weren’t being used before.

It’s no cause for concern because our bodies have a natural way to adjust and adapt, the more you use a part of your body, the more your body is going to acclimate itself to it.

Making the overused parts stronger in order to adapt to the new level normal. 

The human body is a miraculous, complicated machine. It’s no wonder that sometimes it needs to send out the troops and call in some inflammation for healing purposes. 

Inflammation causes bruising but is important to understand that its function is to prompt healing.

When it comes to pain, your brain knows what it’s doing.

You might be reading this thinking, “I don’t want to hear about pole dance pain. I have enough of that already!” 

But your brain is a smart tool, It can tell the difference between good hurt and bad hurt, so if we stop training when it starts hurting, our bodies will never get used to it.

Our body needs to get used to it in order for us not to feel pain as much later on down the line, but even better yet…

By continuing to train in those areas where you are pulling at skin or feeling discomfort while practicing, it may hurt now.

But after some time, your brain realizes it isn’t dangerous, and gets used to these new sensations – essentially toughening up around them.

How Long Does it Take for Pole Burn to Stop?

How Long Does it Take for Pole Burn to Stop?
How Long Does it Take for Pole Burn to Stop?

Pole dancers are known for their dedication to the sport. They spend hours upon hours perfecting moves and routines, but it’s very common to experience burns and pain.

It’s typical for people who have never done a pole sit before to experience some discomfort in this area after just one session of performing them.

However, it doesn’t last long as most find relief within 1-2 weeks by finding a “sweet spot” on their skin, or waiting until your body acclimates itself with doing these poses regularly.

For those that endure chronic hip pain due to repeated exposure at first, they may be able to make up ground again if they rest longer periods between sessions.

It is hard to tell how much pain a person can withstand. 

It changes from day to day and even within the same individual. 

There are many factors that determine this like hormones, the amount of rest and sleep you’re getting, how often you practice, your genetic makeup, age, gender, all sorts of variables…

The important thing to take from this is that it will indeed go away, most pole dancers tough it up, and others might not even have to, because their bodies are get used t it relatively fast.

10 Tips About Pole Dancing for Beginners.

Most people think Pole Dancing is only for Strip Clubs...

Fact#1 Most people think Pole Dancing is only for Strip Clubs…

They couldn’t be more wrong. It’s true while this type of Pole Dancing is still very present and predominant, there are three main branches of pole dancing, and two of them most people don’t know about! Sexy, Sport, and Art.

  • Sport, For serious athletes with years of practice, displaying various difficult tricks and tremendous strength, It’s advanced and an unreachable level of excellence without some serious dedication and love for the sport.
  • Art, The most creative form of Pole Dancing, you can call it freestyle, it’s up to you to decide where you want to take it, some go barefoot and incorporate various types of modern music, props, costumes, the goal is to stimulate the senses not just in a sexy way.
  • Sexy, the most commonly known form of Pole Dancing normally performed wearing high heels everyone as seen it, In the dedicated clubs, Tv, or if you’re a lucky guy your girlfriend/wife is an enthusiast!

There is something for everyone!

Fact#2_What type of Exercise are you actually doing?

What type of Exercise are you actually doing?

Agility, Acrobatics, Aerobics, Balance, Choreography, Dance, Energy, Engagement, Flexibility, Focus, Floor Work, Foot Work, Gymnastics, Grace. Healthy Mind

Body and Spirit, Poise, Physical Fitness, Rhythm, Upper And Lower Body Strength, Core Strength, Hand Strength, Stamina, Style, Yoga.

I would say that’s a pretty engaging and complete exercise, a total-body workout that includes strength training,

fat burning, and flexibility training.

Pole dancers lift and support their entire body weight, showing a tremendous amount of athleticism.

Fact#3_Pole Dancing advanced moves require your skin exposed!

Pole Dancing advanced moves require your skin exposed!

The main concept is skin against metal or you simply wont have the necessary traction In order to grip the pole, pole dancers must have at least their legs, arms and stomach exposed.

Be confident in your own body the problem with new students is that they get self-conscious and frazzled in live classes, and are not able to progress.

There are some moves you can perform wearing pants like some grounded spins, poses, and floor work.

But in order to perform more advanced moves, you must have the proper amount of skin exposure.

Fact#4_Pole Dancing Doesn’t Always Look Good.

Pole dancing doesn't always look good.

As you’re learning there’s sure to be mishaps, you might fall and get bruised, you might get burns and scrapes as you’re trying new moves and combinations, that’s just the way it goes not only with Pole Dancing but with every new sport endeavor.

The upside is that you’ll be developing muscle memory.

Slowly (or not) but surely, things will start to unravel and become easier and simpler,

just by practicing, so it’s a good idea to opt for more padding and comfort when your starting out

and as you gradually improve, fire up some more sexy.

Fact#5_Pole Dancing Beginners Need Proper Training.

Pole Dancing Beginners Need Proper Training

I strongly advise you to get proper training and don’t do it on your own or you might risk an injury,

although it’s fun, it’s also a serious athletic endeavor and should not be taken lightly.

Get help or classes from someone with experience in the business, you don’t want to end up falling on your head because of improper technique.

Make sure you get your pole professionally installed.

We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of women falling from poles because they weren’t properly installed,

it might seem funny when it happens to someone else but I guarantee, it won’t be funny when it happens to you.

Fact#6_Men can Pole Dance too.

Men can Pole Dance too

There’s an outdated belief that Pole Dance is strictly for women, while this activity as always been identified with femininity.

In the present day, men are embracing the sport, they seek it because it’s a great way to keep your body in shape

and it’s a fun and strength intensive workout activity.

Serves as an alternative to the conventional weight lifting,

The effects of pole dancing are comparable to that of lifting several weights but the results actually occur much faster.

With all these benefits, it’s no surprise Pole Dancing has jumped the gender barrier.

Fact#7_Pole Dancing as Therapy.

Pole Dancing as Therapy

We all know when we workout our body releases endorphins that give you a sense of power, and joy.

Pole Dancing is an intense workout that will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Every time you’re able to master a new move or complete a routine because that works wonders for your self-esteem.

Combined with the artistic influence and you get winning combination.

The physical benefits are evident but the confidence boost it provides is often dismissed and not talked about.

Giving a sense of empowerment at the same time makes you feel and look sexier.

Fact#8_Pole Dancing Has a Strong and Close Community.

Pole Dancing Has a Strong and Close Community

People in this community are strong together, because of the wrongfully preconceived stigma associated with it.

When you enter the world of pole dancing, you’re entering a very specific community.

Doesn’t matter the race, beliefs, culture… their practitioners tend to encourage and help each other.

Simply because the sport might be frowned upon by many, which creates a special connection.

And promotes empathy between it’s members creating a meaningful bond.

Fact#9_Stop Making Excuses.

Stop Making Excuses

Oftentimes people create mental roadblocks and tell themselves they can’t do it, I’m too old.

I’m not my ideal weight, I have no coordination, you’re just procrastinating, and procrastination is really about fear.

about you being controlled by unhealthy amounts of fear, but if you give in to that state of mind you won’t accomplish anything.

Pole Dancing is easy to start, and difficult to master but the road to get there is not complicated.

As I mentioned before, you’ll create muscle memory and as your body adjusts and becomes stronger, the easier it’s going to get.

The process of growth in pole dancing might lead you into different avenues.

It might encourage you to lose those extra pounds everyone has, or become more confident feel sexier and happier, put your excuses aside, jump into it.

Might be the best thing you do for yourself.

Fact#10_Pole Dancing as a Business Opportunity.

Pole Dancing as a Business Opportunity

Because Pole dancing is still considered taboo by many, it prevented the movement to really explode and jump into mainstream

Therein lays a great opportunity for people to capitalize on, the market is not saturated there’s plenty of room to expand and grow.

Did you know that there are numerous competitions, including the World Pole Sport Championship,

U.S. Pole Federation Championship, Pole Art, Miss Pole Dance America, and the International Pole Masters Cup Championship?

That shows me there’s an interest and pole dancing has transcended beyond gentleman’s clubs,

there was actually a petition requesting Pole Dancing to become an Olympic event, it’s only a matter of time till the sport swells and blows up

And the people in the forefront are the ones best fitted to benefit the most.

If you feel strongly about Pole Dancing, here’s a program you might be interested in

_Pole Body

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